Here are some great reasons why
using Threads will benefit your organisation.

Threads Saves You
Time and Money...

A few companies have already recognised the massive value of sharing their messages but paid huge sums of money to achieve it and usually in a very disjointed fashion.

Threads uses innovation to bring the cost down to within the reach of any company, no matter its size.

When you share your messages, you share responsibility, and keep your colleagues informed. This leads to better collaboration within the company and quicker and more efficient service for the customer.


There are many services that will help organisations meet their GDPR responsibilities, yet most target a specific requirement and require changes to working practices and/or applications.

Threads is the only service that can ingest any type of digital message and integrate with a self-learning CRM as a single holistic solution.

For example, with Threads, Data Protection Officers can meet GDPR “subject access”, “disclosure” and “right to be forgotten” requests in real time. No need to scour multiple account or involve the IT department.


Threads Enhances Communication...

Threads is a web-based tool, so contacts, companies and jobs can all be identified by simple web links.

This is great for communication because you can point colleagues straight to relevant information without the need for searching for it.

Staff can also browse relevant mails, calls, jobs, companies and contacts as part of their daily routine.

Save Time Searching
for Stuff...

We all know how difficult it can be to find information in our own email. It seems it would be much worse when we look at our whole company.

This is exactly what Threads solves.

Threads has evolved with the aim to find stuff quickly and easily – in fact it's easier and quicker to find content than searching your mail client.

Your Live
Contact Database...

The Threads contact database is an extremely powerful tool in its own right. The fact that it contains "live" information, "live" projects and "live" contacts makes it easy for you to see stuff that's happening now.

We know you have your own contact database already, so we make it simple to integrate it with Threads and because Threads is web-based, you can get at it from anywhere.

Organise Projects
and Tasks...

Gone are the days of filing cabinets.

Nowadays your emails and phone calls tell you almost everything about how your project is progressing.

Threads adds massive value by doing the filing for you.

Significant research and development has gone into Threads making it very intelligent at classifying your communication for you, saving you more and more time.

Save Storage Space and Costs...

Threads can store communication from across your entire organisation at once, and it stores those messages very efficiently.

Threads identifies copies of data and de-duplicates them so stores it only once.

Threads can also be configured to move old, unused data to cheaper forms of storage.

And because Threads stores all your mail and calls, you feel more secure about clearing out your inbox.

All this adds up to lower storage costs.

Rock Solid Disaster Recovery...

What if we lose all our email?

What if we can’t find a mail?

What if we get sued?

Threads is your insurance!

Threads works in real time, so you always see what you get. In many companies, information is backed up but the only time the process is checked is when something goes wrong. By then if it’s not working, it’s too late.

Threads gives you peace of mind against disasters and forensic evidence if you ever need it.

Identify New Opportunities...

Threads’ unique mechanism for segregating communication according to your familiarity with the contact means you can see potential business opportunities at a glance.

When an unknown person contacts your organisation via email, Threads  knows this is a potential opportunity of and flags the mail or call as a “contact you might know”.

You'll never miss a sale again!

Threads Features and Benefits...



Mind-numbingly easy-to-use Message Hub Interface - all your organisation’s emails, VoIP phone calls, contacts and projects in one browser window.

Provides a real-time overview of company communications without the need for training, special apps, plug-ins or change of working practices.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The Threads ASR option allows VoIP phone calls to be converted to text and displayed to users in a familiar SMS-style dialogue. It allows users to “scrub” through long calls to quickly find the discussion of interest.

OCR permits users to search scanned documents (often pdfs) that are attached to emails. Few, if any email systems allow the searching of attachments. Threads is unique in allowing the searching of both text and scanned image documents and locate items otherwise unrecoverable.

Intelligent Project Folders

Mails and calls automatically grouped into browsable project folders making comms much easier to locate than by searching.

Intelligent Privacy Filter

Private mails and calls stay private and confidential messages remain confidential.

Intelligent Spam Filter

Who can define what mails are Spam? Threads hides unsolicited mail from view until a connection is found. This prevents deletion of incorrectly classified mails.

Intelligent Reporting

By analysing communication from many users, Threads can report on out-of-the-ordinary trends and events invisible to any one user.

Built-in company-contact database

Driven by daily mail and calls, not only is the Threads contact database an invaluable resource, it is always bang up to date.

Transparent ingestion of email

Threads ingests email from the parent message server, so the user may use whatever mail client software he/she chooses.

Transparent ingestion of VoIP-based calls

Threads ingests VoIP-based calls using  of a low-cost device (The Threads VoIP Appliance) which monitors the subscribers Local Area Network for “SIP” traffic. Hence Threads can be used with any SIP-compliant VoIP phone system.

Storage-based pricing

Pricing for Threads is based upon a fixed monthly fee. There is no user-based charging so fluctuations in staff are irrelevant and costs can be accurately predicted.

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