10 Email Archive Solutions For Small Business 2020

email archive solutions

Whether you are a small one-person business or a large enterprise, an efficient email service is crucial to the smooth running of day-to-day operations. You probably understand how important email is, but did you know that email archiving is equally important?

Archiving emails is about storing email communications in a central location. Aside from the obvious benefits of quick recall, easier access to previous emails, and overall email efficiency, the most important reason businesses cannot ignore it is the legal requirement for archiving email. If you don’t use any email archive solutions within your business, you may fall short of your state or jurisdiction’s legal requirements.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of email archive solutions and our top ten email archive software for small businesses.

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Benefits of an Email Archive Solution

There are a plethora of email archives.

Along with easier data management, employees can retrieve information when they need it with a simple archive search, improving employee communication, transparency and accessibility.

Additional benefits can differ from amongst platforms.

For example, Threads offers sentiment analysis services that examine email and call data. This analysis is beneficial for customers who wish to monitor their brand or even improve customer service with data-driven tools.

Choosing the most appropriate solution for your company will require a comprehensive comparison of email archiving solutions. Determine what your business needs are, then compare email archiving solutions that fit those needs.

Examine our list of email archive solutions below once you’ve outlined your company’s email data management needs.

Top Email Archive Solutions For Small Businesses 2020

1. Threads

Threads is a highly intuitive shared inbox system that allows you to plug into any email system that you currently use. It will store all the emails securely in the cloud. A subject access request can be complied within no time with details pulled from the cloud on not just emails, but also phone calls with the full transcription. There is no need to submit a separate retrieval request; all previous emails can be retrieved in real-time. The ease with which you can start using Threads and the many benefits that its Message Hub offers makes it one of our top picks for email archiving.

Are you in need of an email archive solution for your small business?

Contact Threads today to discover how a shared inbox can benefit your team.

2. Dropsuite

Dropsuite is quite easy to get on-board and is a 100% cloud-based email archiving software platform. There are no cumbersome downloads and installs. Dropsuite offers cloud-based email archiving and backup for existing emails, such as Microsoft Office Exchange Online, G Suite Gmail, etc. The emails are professionally archived and securely backed up, making it easy to search for and access old emails. In case of a compliance audit, Dropsuite makes it extremely easy to retrieve the required emails, attachments, and related files.

3. MailStore Server

MailStore Server has an easy to use interface that can be accessed even from your mobile. For small businesses that do not have a budget for archiving solutions, there is a free version that requires you to run the backup manually. MailStore creates a 1:1 copy of all emails that you can store for any number of years. MailStore has minimal system setup requirements and is quite low maintenance. It supports pretty much all email systems and archiving methods.

4. Barracuda Message Archiver

Barracuda Message Archiver is an easy archiving solution that can be integrated into your existing email system within a couple of hours. The pricing depends on the storage requirement, and they do not charge extra fees for additional users. A notable feature is that it allows you to set up policies for globally removing old emails after a specified retention period. Barracuda easily integrates with office 365, Microsoft Exchange or any IMAP email.

5. Hornetsecurity

Hornetsecurity has been named the next email security provider for The Email Laundry’s existing customer and partner base. Previously, The Email Laundry customers received email archive solutions and other robust security features to keep their email completely secure from threats online. Additional benefits included complete control over all previous emails, whether for legal requirements, customer service, or anything else.

As of 2020, all existing customers of The Email Laundry have begun the migration to Hornetsecurity. Thankfully, this new platform promises to uphold the archiving and security settings that customers use in The Email Laundry and new benefits. Some of these new benefits include deep Microsoft Office 365 integration, which uses encrypted mailboxes, live email tracking, a powerful content filter, and more.

6. Mimecast

Mimecast operates as a cybersecurity provider that focuses on email archive solutions that provide small businesses with appropriate data protection. As a cloud email archiving solution, Mimecast’s services aid companies in data management. Some of the platform’s tools help businesses quickly extract value from the data they compile without the worry of data loss or vulnerability.

7. Global Relay Archive

Global Relay Archive services provide businesses with information governance solutions for their email and other electronic communications. This email archive software platform allows customers to work together when remote without compromising information compliance easily. Global Relay Archive uses a role-based access control system. This RBAC allows you to grant employees access to the tools and information they need within the Global Relay Archive platform.

8. Proofpoint

Proofpoint is an efficient solution for collecting and monitoring sensitive data. Customers can ensure they consistently meet information compliance regulations using Proofpoint. Additionally, Proofpoint offers greater insight into the data you have archived to aid in future decision making. Another benefit of Proofpoint’s platform is the cybersecurity it provides for your data environment. With Proofpoint, you can protect your company from malicious content, such as spam from trusted and look-alike email and web domains and social media usernames.

9. Smarsh

Smarsh has provided customers with flexible technology that allows them to manage data and analyze the value of their communications. With cutting-edge email archive solutions, Smarsh enables customers to grow their businesses and comply with legal requirements. Smarsh aids in your data archiving endeavors with support for over 80 communication channels. Along with email, Smarsh also provides support for text and IM data retrieval. Other channels that Smarsh offers support for include voice platforms such as Zoom and social media communications through platforms like Twitter.

10. ArcTitan

ArcTitan is an email archiving software product offered by TitanHQ. ArcTitan’s platform allows users to secure all of their communications data in an easy to navigate archive. Additionally, ArcTitan has fast search and retrieval times with load performance reaching more than 200 emails per second. These high-performance rates mean that multiple users can access your email servers without adding additional time to their search.