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How to Find New Technology for Business with Product Hunt

When you’re looking to launch your latest product, it’s imperative you choose the best platform for exposure. Not only are you interested in feedback, but you want to generate positive conversation around your product. Most people choose sites like TechCrunch to launch their product, but more and more people are turning to Product Hunt. Why?…

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4 Top Tips To Increase the ROI of Your CRM

CRM’s are marketed as a sure fire way to boost sales, drive engagement and increase profitability. But in reality their job is to enable your business to create and nurture long lasting client relationships and enable you to make better strategic decisions in the future. With companies spending vast amounts of money, then it is more important than ever to ensure that your CRM is generating a return on your investment. Here are our top tips to increase the ROI of your CRM. 

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4 Missive Alternatives: Comparison of Multi-channel Inboxes

Missive aims to bring all of the email communications of a team member – shared work email, personal work email, and personal email – into the system to enhance the possibilities of collaboration. Their platform’s main goal is to improve how teams deal with their inboxes and add a fresh new twist into an outdated…

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How We Turned Our Email Archives Into Useful Insights

Google and Facebook make billions each year by analysing their users’ data and then selling it back to consumers and businesses in various forms. Here’s what happened when we decided to do this ourselves using the same easily accessible data that every business already has access to. We were amazed by the results.

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What Our Messages Tell Us About Our Behaviour

The quality and accuracy of speech-to-text transcriptions will vary according to the contextual information input. But as well as improving the speech recognition performance, the context of a conversation can also be used to analyse behaviour which can provide critical business intelligence to your sales and marketing teams.

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6 New Year Resolutions For Your Business

Happy New Year to all of our customers. We wish you and your business all the best for 2019. If you have already made resolutions, or even if you haven't, we share with you our top tips for a more productive new 2019

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Email Archiving Solutions For Small Business

5 Email Archiving Solutions For Small Business

Whether you are a small one-person business or a large enterprise, an efficient email service is crucial to the smooth running of day-to-day operations. You probably understand how important email is, but did you know that email archiving is also equally important?

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You Can’t Find That Important Email

4 Reasons You Can’t Find That Important Email

Have you ever been frustrated because you can’t find an email that you know should be in your email client? And even when you use the search function, you end up with so many search results that you end up having to read through hundreds of emails just to find one you want? We’ve all been there. And it’s no surprise to find that employees waste up to 12 hours a week trawling their email inboxes. This might sound like a lot but even this is a conservative estimate. So why are emails so difficult to search?

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CRM Data Entry

5 Tools to Reduce Time Spent on CRM Data Entry

According to a recent report conducted by HubSpot, 27% of people who work in sales are spending over an hour a day on data entry work instead of selling. This means critical time is lost to administrative work. But there are now a number of tools available that can be used in conjunction with traditional CRM’s to make this job easier. In this post, we look at some of the best tools to reduce CRM data entry.

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€20 million is a lot of money – SMEs and the GDPR.

Since starting my summer internship two weeks ago, I’ve Googled more acronyms than I ever thought possible. One, in particular, the GDPR, appears time and time again. I've found the way in which GDPR effects, specifically smaller, enterprises, particularly engaging. GDPR compliance then, although seemingly mundane, presents an interesting study relevant not only to my internship, but also my degree, particularly in regards to my study of economic geographies. By and large, those writing about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) start with the rather alarming call to arms “Are you ready for the GDPR?”.

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2.9 billion reasons why email isn’t going away

According to a Radicati report, key statistics show 2.5 billion active email users were exchanging a staggering 244 billion emails a day in 2015. The number of email users projected for 2019 is 2.9 billion. So much for the death of email at the hands of social media! What is going on?

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