Call recording & transcription

Fast, easy access to call data in the context of all your communications

Threads gives you...

Fast, easy access to call data

Many modern office phone systems record calls. Most users are either unaware their calls are recorded or if not, cannot get to them. With Threads, you get a transcription of the call which you can read on its own or as you listen to the call.  You can also scrub through the call to find the section of interest. You also get a summary of the transcription so you can decide whether you need to listen to the whole call. Often the summary is all you need.

Powerful searching

This is where Threads excels. By the use of Threads unique patented methods, you can transcribe calls at unprecedented accuracy and find calls in a way no other service can match. You can search calls just as you search emails – by date, time, subject, caller or keywords in the call.

Control & security

Threads automatically picks up calls as they scurry through your network – it doesn’t care which phone system is in use. The calls are then stored in a secure Cloud database, if your building burns down, your calls are safe.

Full context

Because Threads ingests emails as well as phone calls, you get to see calls in the context of other communications. You really have to see this in action to get how useful and time-saving this is.

What is Threads?

Threads is of general benefit to any company that uses phone and email as the primary method of communication.

Threads is of special benefit to any firm where accurate recording of communication is essential such as lawyers, doctors, professional consultancy practices. Threads is affordable for any sized company but it is most likely to suit firms with 10 or more employees.

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What do I need to use Threads?

To use Threads to record telephone calls so that you can listen to them again or transcribe them, you need:

  • A VoIP Telephone system (PBX)
  • A Threads account

Using a special device, Threads can ingest calls directly from your network or, if you PBX is based on FreePBX (which is used by many commercial PBX systems), then Threads can ingest directly from the PBX server.

This document goes into more detail, and this blog post explains how Threads ingests and transcribes telephone calls.

We strongly recommend you use Threads to store both phone calls and emails, but you may store either or both as you please.

How much does it cost?

Threads is charged according to storage used. A phone call will typically consume 1MB of storage per minute, so on our basic 25GB package, a 1 hour phone call would typically cost 15 pence per month to store.

Depending on your phone system, there may be a cost involved in accessing call recordings. Of course, you may not need to record calls involving all handsets.

Optionally, Threads subscribers can transcribe calls. Transcription costs are typically £3 per hour of call time, with the choice of automatically transcribing all calls or just manually selected calls.

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