How much does it cost?

There are two pricing models for Threads - a one-off historic migration and our ongoing subscription plans. You may choose one or the other, or more usually both.

One-Off Historic Migration

From $200 

Our one-off historic migration service is aimed at customers that wish to migrate their old emails (ie emails that pre-date sign-up)  into Threads and, if required, to the HubSpot CRM. Historic messages are logged chronologically in the CRM on the relevant contacts timeline ensuring that your data is complete on day 1. Pricing is based on the number of email accounts to be migrated and the number of years of historic data.

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Ongoing Subscription

From $30 pcm

Our ongoing message synchronisation is suitable for any customer that wishes to log any future emails (ie emails that post-date sign-up)  into Threads and, if required, to the HubSpot CRM.  Our monthly subscription plans include an unlimited number of users up to the data storage limited which means that costs can be accurately predicted no matter how quickly your business grows.

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Ongoing pricing tiers

When the storage used reaches the limit for the tier to which you are subscribing, you may choose to delete messages or to increase your monthly payments.

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5 GB *£20€25 $30
25 GB £50 €60 $70
100 GB £100 €125 $150
500 GB £200 €250 $300
2.5 TB £500 €600 $700
10 TB £1,000 €1,250 $1,500

* Does not include Threads + HubSpot integration.

All prices are exclusive of sales taxes. There are additional costs for recording and transcribing phone calls. For a bespoke quote please contact us.

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