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cloud security

Is it safe to store call transcripts in the cloud?

Following the release of the Trump-Zelensky call transcript, questions have been raised regarding the security of storing call recordings and call transcripts in the cloud. But is storing call transcripts in the cloud safe? Or are we just making things easier for hackers?

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Donald Trump

The power of speech to impeach

Last week, the House of Representatives voted for the third time in US history to formalise impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Key to this decision was the release of a call transcript by the White House. We explore how the White House creates a transcription of a call and why the call transcription itself could be crucial in any final decision.

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automate customer service

How Any Sized Company Can Automate Customer Service

Amazing customer service can improve client relations and increase leads. In comparison, less-than-desirable communications can disrupt company workflow and dissuade clients from continuing your services. A profitable solution in the digital age is to automate customer service! Don’t know where to start? Check out these tools to automate customer service and improve your customer relations.

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hubspot integrations for sales

Top 10 Hubspot Integrations to Boost Sales

When improving your sales team’s productivity, you may find yourself looking at your Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, software. Knowing how to utilise this CRM is crucial for your sales team to succeed. One challenge shared several salespeople cite is a lack of integration with other tools with their current CRM. When using a CRM…

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Why Do I Need A Message Hub for HubSpot?

It may seem obvious you would want to know who exchanged messages and when, but in many organisations, this information is commonly lost because it is not always as easy to collect this information as you might think. That is not the case with a message hub though. Read on to learn more.

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hubspot integrations for email

3 Hubspot Integrations to Streamline Email Correspondence

Run your company with ease with HubSpot! Thanks to HubSpot’s App Ecosystem, with over 200 powerful integrations to choose from, making your company successful has never been easier. With new HubSpot integrations joining the HubSpot App Ecosystem often, you can easily find the integration that’s perfect for improving overall company results. To elaborate, one of…

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Is Phone Call Transcription Rocket Science?

Given the advances in automatic speech recognition (ASR), you may wonder why there is not much evidence it is used to transcribe phone calls? Well there isn’t much evidence because it is rarely used. But the reason for this is only partially technical. Why is attempting ASR on telephone quality speech more challenging than dictating into…

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how to merge email accounts

How to Merge Email Accounts Into One Inbox

In today’s world, keeping track of your emails is a must. Nonetheless, managing multiple email account can grow tedious, as you’re constantly switching back and forth. For this reason, knowing how to merge email accounts is valuable knowledge. In short, knowing how to merge email accounts can ease the search process for vital pieces of…

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how to talk to customers

3 Strategies on How to Best Talk to Customers

When it comes to great customer service, clients won’t hesitate to reward your company. However, more than half of Americans have canceled a planned purchase after just one instance of bad service. Therefore, to retain your customer base, you need to understand what exactly outstanding customer service looks like to your clients. The first step…

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Threads Introduces Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

As you may know, the new European rules around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) are coming into force from 14 September 2019. The new regulations are designed to enhance security or payments and limit fraud during the authentication process.  In preparation for SCA, you may be asked by our payment provider Stripe, to verify your existing…

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