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How good are Siri and Alexa?

People either love or hate speech recognition services, whether they use them willingly or out of necessity. There’s rarely a middle ground. Users show less tolerance when they don’t have the option, like in many banks that won’t let you speak to a human until you’ve struggled with their voice assistant for 20 minutes. However,…

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Speak or write, the eternal dilemma

Why the predicted demise of email is wrong For almost as many years as it has been in use, the imminent demise of email has been predicted. Yet email traffic continues to grow despite competition from other forms of digital communication and people are at last accepting email as an intrinsic part of business existence.…

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Thread: A peek under the bonnet (or hood if your are in the USA)

Threads was first conceived in 2016 as a message hub for funneling all of a company’s digital communications into a single searchable database One of the most exciting aspects of the service was the idea of transcribing phone calls and analysing message content.  When messages from many sources are combined the sum of the parts…

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migrate historic emails

HubSpot Q&A: Can I migrate my historic emails to HubSpot?

In our regular series of HubSpot Q&A, we look at some of the most common questions raised by users in the HubSpot Community Forum. This month we investigate how new users can migrate historic emails to Hubspot. The HubSpot Community Forum is full of emails from customers who are moving from other CRM’s such as Salesforce, Copper and Freshsales who don’t want to lose the valuable intelligence gained from historic emails. 

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HubSpot Q&A: How much data do I need?

The latest in our series of frequently asked questions about the Hubspot + Threads integration. This month we look at how much data the average user needs and which of our subscription plans is best for your team.

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mobile app

HubSpot Q&A: Can I log emails sent on a mobile app?

Q: How can I log emails sent on a mobile app? A: Yes! Emails sent using the HubSpot mobile app will be automatically logged in HubSpot CRM. However, one drawback is that the HubSpot app does not support attachments. For remote teams that wish to send an attachment (such as a quote or pdf), this…

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stop logging every email

HubSpot Q&A: How Do I Stop Logging Every Email In HubSpot

Fed up of HubSpot creating contacts for you when logging emails? With the Threads integration built for HubSpot, we will only log emails with your existing deals and contacts in HubSpot so that you can spend more time on your business and less time cleaning up your CRM.

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Threads Phone Call Ingestion – A Primer

In this post we explain a little about business telephone systems and how Threads ingests phone calls so that they may be replayed and transcribed (using ASR) at will. A key feature of Threads call ingestion is that it happens transparently to the user and is totally independent of the telephone system in use. As a result, the Threads subscriber is not tied to one particular business telephone system manufacturer nor to require special software or plug-ins. We also discuss how calls may be ingested from landline and mobile networks.

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