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automatic speech recognition technology

Losing the Thread?

We often think of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) as a technology to save us getting up from our armchair to change the music or to save the banks from employing humans, but in fact, its benefits can have far more far-reaching effects - especially for the hard of hearing.

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hubspot integrations for calling

Customer Service HubSpot Integrations for Calling

As you begin to pick up the phone and call leads or answer questions that your customers have, you might be looking for an integration to make the transfer of information to your CRM a little easier. Whether you need help with logging or you want to automatically record your calls, HubSpot has a number…

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new technology for business

How to Find New Technology for Business with Product Hunt

When you’re looking to launch your latest product, it’s imperative you choose the best platform for exposure. Not only are you interested in feedback, but you want to generate positive conversation around your product. Most people choose sites like TechCrunch to launch their product, but more and more people are turning to Product Hunt. Why?…

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ASR. Love It? Or Hate It?

More and more people are using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). Some out of choice, but most because they are forced into it when they phone for help. The Banks and financial institutions who have adopted ASR wholesale, seem to have engendered the most bad feeling and are giving it a somewhat undeserved bad name. This opinion piece describes why this is likely to have happened.

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hubspot integrations for analytics and data

5 Hubspot Integrations for Your Analytics and Data

Having a treasure trove of data gathered from consumers allows your business to make intelligent business decisions, which will set you apart from your competition. If you don’t have the necessary tools to analyze that data, then you’re missing out on countless opportunities. If your business is looking to grow and gain valuable information from…

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10 good reasons to pick up the phone

In this era of social media, chatbots and email, written communications are the obvious choice for interacting with potential customers and suppliers. But next time you send an email instead of picking up the phone, take a moment to consider whether this really is the best option.

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5 HubSpot Integrations for Customer Service Productivity

The main goal for any business that has a customer service team is to increase productivity. It is simple: higher productivity leads to happier team members, which leads to happier customers, which ultimately leads to more revenue for your business. It is a win-win for everybody involved. Having an exceptional team of customer service employees…

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EPO Grants Threads Patent

Threads is pleased to announce that European patent application 15709729.6: “A Digital Messaging System” has now passed all the European patent hurdles to become a full patent. The grant of this patent strengthens Threads position in the market place as a leading digital message hub and the core technology underpinning the service.

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Threads in the (Hub)Spotlight

Following a successful launch on the HubSpot Integration Directory in February 2019, Threads has now launched it’s innovative integration with HubSpot on Product Hunt.

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Can I record a business phone call without telling someone?

Threads uniquely aggregates emails and phone calls in one database making searching for information on a specific company or individual really easy. However, we are often asked if call recording and storage is legal so we put this article together to try and help customers navigate the various UK legislation.

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4 Top Tips To Increase the ROI of Your CRM

CRM’s are marketed as a sure fire way to boost sales, drive engagement and increase profitability. But in reality their job is to enable your business to create and nurture long lasting client relationships and enable you to make better strategic decisions in the future. With companies spending vast amounts of money, then it is more important than ever to ensure that your CRM is generating a return on your investment. Here are our top tips to increase the ROI of your CRM. 

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