Streamline your communications

Packed with features to ensure your team is on the same page

Shared Inbox

Threads automatically shares all your business emails with your colleagues, according to your unique and bespoke privacy settings.

Intelligent Search Capability

Threads intelligently indexes all your communications making searching for specific information quick and efficient.

Storage Based Pricing

Our simple storage-based pricing means you can share your inbox with as many people as you like!

Other useful features

Compatible With Any Email Client

Emails are collected from the parent server, so there is no need to alter your usual processes for sending and receiving emails.

Phone Call Transcription

Apply any supported speech recognition service to transcribe your phone-calls so that you can search them just like you would an email!

CRM Integration

Communications captured in Threads can be synced or logged with almost any existing CRM software.

Shared Inbox FAQs

Shared Inbox User

  • What is a shared inbox?

    A shared inbox is an inbox that multiple users have access to, where they can read and send messages. Threads’ shared inbox platform can store various message mediums, such as emails, phone transcriptions and SMS messages. These messages are intelligently indexed so you can quickly locate important client communications. Additionally, Threads stores email attachments so that they can be accessed later, even if you weren’t copied on the original email.

  • How does privacy work in a shared inbox?

    Implementing a shared inbox in your workplace requires the implied consent of your employees. Implied consent creates a culture of transparency and supports best practices. Nevertheless, there might be certain contacts that you don’t want to include in your shared inbox. By adjusting your Threads privacy settings, you can easily set what contacts are and are not shared.

  • Is there a limit to the number of email addresses you can link to a shared inbox?

    Depending on the shared inbox platform you use, there can be a limit to how many email addresses you can link. Thankfully, Threads allows you to link an unlimited number of email addresses to your Threads account. This can be beneficial for teams that use various alias emails, such as info@ or support@.

  • What challenges can the Threads shared inbox help me address?

    There are a variety of ways that a shared inbox can benefit your team’s productivity. Threads can make sharing knowledge easier and more efficient among team members. Instead of waiting several hours for a coworker to respond, you can find the information you need in your shared inbox. A shared inbox can also aid in onboarding efforts. A newly hired employee can quickly research previous communications to gain a better understanding of your processes.

  • Should I use a shared inbox?

    Whether you’re looking for a way to improve team productivity, enhance your processes or manage your email, a shared inbox can help. By using a shared inbox, your team can better prioritize how they spend their time. Instead of searching for an email in their inbox, they can dedicate their time to serve your customers better.

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