Content Analytics For Business Communications

Intelligently analyse all of your company’s emails and phone calls in one intuitive dashboard

What is Threads Analytics?

Threads Analytics seamlessly aggregates all your business communications and analyses the content at the click of a button. Threads provides a high-level view of your most important interactions as well as allowing you to drill down into the detail. Threads is compatible with any email client and requires no new software to download. Read our blog post, Introducing Threads Analytics.

Benefits of Threads Analytics

Make Better Decisions

A full, automated history of all your communications will help you identify trends, analyse them and ultimately make more informed decisions.

Real Time Analytics

Visualise your entire teams’ performance on one intuitive dashboard. Threads is updated in real-time so that your reports are always up to date.

Intelligent Search

Threads uses our patented, state-of-the-art technology that allows you to search your data and access information in one click.

Compatible With Any Email Client

Threads is compatible with any email client including Gmail, AppleMail, Outlook and Office 365.

Full Content Analysis

Threads stores a copy of your email and any associated attachments so that you can analyse the content of your communications

Private and Secure

Threads clever privacy settings ensures that you can analyse your teams productivity without compromising on security and privacy

Threads Analytics FAQs

Threads Analytics FAQs

  • What insights can Threads Analytics provide me?

    Threads Analytics provides you with unparalleled insight unique to Threads Analytics and Threads. By offering a comprehensive, automated history of your communications, Threads Analytics provides insight into trends. For example, Threads Analytics can help you identify a trend regarding what days your team sends and receives the most emails.

  • How can sentiment analysis work with Threads Analytics?

    Threads Analytics can perform a full content email analysis, allowing it to provide unique insights such as sentiment analysis. This analysis allows you to gain a better understanding of the overall sentiment of your communications.

  • How can Threads Analytics help me improve my team’s productivity?

    Email analysis provides you with unique data regarding the performance of your team. With Threads Analytics, you can visualize the data and trends you’ve identified with an email analysis on one intuitive dashboard. This makes it simpler to quickly identify any pain points that can be improved in your communications processes.

  • How does privacy work when using Threads Analytics?

    Before you can implement tools like Threads Analytics to aggregate the communications of your team, you are required to obtain the implied consent of your employees. Implied consent allows you to nurture a workplace culture of transparency and follows best practices. Threads Analytics also provides bespoke privacy settings that allow you to adjust what contacts should be included when Threads Analytics indexes your communications.

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