4 Hiver Alternatives: Shared Inbox For Gmail

Hiver is a popular shared inbox application for Gmail and Google users. However, it’s always healthy to compare alternatives to find the shared inbox software that’s right for your business.

Here are four Hiver alternatives:


Threads is an intuitive dashboard that captures, compiles and organises all of your business communications into one easily accessible platform. If you want something that you can just plug and play into your existing system, Threads is probably the best choice for you. Threads can ingest your emails from your parent message server, like Gmail, which allows for cleaner, faster, more efficient way of doing business communication.

Their platform will enable your business to operate in a transparent and hyper-organised fashion, without requiring you to alter your existing email practices. Your digital messages will be stored privately and securely in one Cloud database that you can search via one simple screen. If your business has a CRM, Threads can be synced with almost any existing software. You have the opportunity to save time and make more informed decisions when you use an app, like Threads, that works seamlessly with your existing mailbox.


ClientFlow is a shared inbox and project management software app centered around helping client service teams. Their platform gets your personal email conversations, your team’s group email conversations and client communication on a single shared platform where every mail is owned up and responded to.

With ClientFlow you are able to connect your email accounts or set up auto-forwarding from any email address and share with teammates so they have visibility into all emails conversations. ClientFlow works a lot like your email client but builds on top of it to include useful features that facilitate better group conversations.

Drag App

The Drag App allows your team to keep using a centralized Gmail account while managing the shared emails like it was their own account. In a real Gmail shared inbox offered by Drag you can choose what teammates you want to see the emails you would like to share. Also, you will be able to leave internal notes or reply to emails on behalf of your teammates.

Properly sharing an inbox in Gmail allows teams to work together on emails when it needs more than one person (and it’s not just for customer support). It’s not just about saving time when it comes to a shared inbox, it’s about promoting transparency across your team. Sharing certain communication onto team boards provides context to why things are getting done.


When you choose Gmelius you will discover an innovative and clever way to manage email for groups; support@, sales@ or any other group alias right from Gmail. Increase transparency and accountability around your team emails by assigning emails to specific teammates for clear ownership and fast follow-up.

Unlike Google Groups, Gmelius is designed to give your team a seamless way to manage today’s customer relations. With Gmelius’ zero learning curve, in no-time, your team is able to resolve issues and avoid messy double-replies and missed emails accidents.