automate customer service

How Any Sized Company Can Automate Customer Service

Amazing customer service can improve client relations and increase leads. In comparison, less-than-desirable communications can disrupt company workflow and dissuade clients from continuing your services. A profitable solution in the digital age is to automate customer service! Don’t know where to start? Check out these tools to automate customer service and improve your customer relations.

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hubspot integrations for email

3 Hubspot Integrations to Streamline Email Correspondence

HubSpot's App Ecosystem has over 200 powerful integrations to choose from so you can easily find the integration that's perfect for improving overall company results. We look at HubSpot integrations for email allow you to benefit from email transparency.

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how to merge email accounts

How to Merge Email Accounts Into One Inbox

In today’s world, keeping track of your emails is a must. Nonetheless, managing multiple email account can grow tedious, as you’re constantly switching back and forth. For this reason, knowing how to merge email accounts is valuable knowledge. In short, knowing how to merge email accounts can ease the search process for vital pieces of…

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what does customer service mean to you

What Does Outstanding Customer Service Mean to You?

When it comes to customer service, understanding its role and impact on your company is crucial. Perhaps your solutions focus more on the customer experience or on achieving business goals. By identifying where your customer service teams stand, you can more easily find a tool that will complement their goals and help your customer service take the jump from good to excellent. This week we take a look at some of the ways Threads helps your customer service team succeed, no matter its focus.

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The Benefits Of Email Transparency

Email transparency is not a new concept in the USA. For many years, federal email transparency policies have given the public the right to read emails and documents that have been sent and received by local government and public agencies. But why are email transparency policies important and how can adopting a similar approach in your business help?

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How Using A Shared Inbox Can Help Your Team This Summer

Frequently your business will communicate with its customers by a variety of different means. When reviewed in isolation, these communications can lead to an incomplete picture of the customers needs and requirements. And these problems can become exacerbated during the summer months when employee are on vacation. Learn how using a shared inbox can help mitigate these issues.

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Top Shared Mailbox Software Apps for Teams

Are you tired of forwarding email threads, finding lost messages, and complicated email chains? If your team is thinking about transitioning to a shared mailbox, here is a list of the top apps you can choose from.

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What’s the difference between a shared inbox and sharing an inbox?

If you work for a company where collaboration is important - and tell me one where it is isn’t - you may have come across the idea of a so-called “shared inbox”. However, it is just as important to understand that a “shared inbox” is not the same as “sharing an inbox”. In this article we discuss the differences between the two.

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Email Transparency Articles & Resources For Companies

Companies thinking about making email transparent for employees within their organization may need some inspiration to make the leap. This transition will allow your team to build the trust and transparency your business needs to be successful. In this article, we gather some of the best resources around email transparency to provide a holistic view of a shared inbox

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