Why We Automatically Log And Transcribe All Of Our Business Calls (And Why You Should Be Doing The Same)

When we originally created Threads the primary purpose was to aggregate all of our business email in one place as we found that important emails were ending up ‘locked’ in an individuals’ inbox or filed so that no-one could locate it. But over time we realised we were only seeing half the picture as around 50% of our communications with customers and suppliers were conducted by phone.

Not wanting to adopt a new telephone system or change our phone number, we decided to use OrecX’s call recording software to automatically capture all of our calls. We then went one step further and applied speech recognition to the audio file so that we had a full transcription that could be easily searched and reviewed in the same way as an email. It was a game changer for us. And by dropping the audio file along with the transcript directly into Threads we could easily see it alongside all the email correspondence providing context.

We can’t imagine not having access to those calls now. We no longer have to create manual telephone notes or spend precious time explaining to others what happened on a call. We can simply share a link to the record in Threads giving anyone immediate access to the call and transcript. By clicking on a ‘speech bubble’, you can also avoid the opening small talk and skip directly to the bit of the call you are interested in.

To put into context how useful this feature has been for us, we were recently party to an ongoing going dispute with our utilities provider regarding the installation of electricity meters in 2014. Using Threads we were quickly able to identify all of the key emails andphone calls between us and the electricity company relating to the issue and immediately were able to provide evidence relating to the alleged dispute. This ended up saving us over £3,500 which we might otherwise have had to pay the electricity company.

Threads is available as a stand-alone product or, if you are a HubSpot user we can now integrate your phone calls with your HubSpot account using our Threads + HubSpot integration. We are also working on other CRM / application integrations on a case by case basis. If you would like to know more or would like try Threads for yourself then please feel free to get in contact.