5 Benefits of Integrating CRM and Email 

In this article, we look at the benefits of integrating CRM and email together.

A CRM and email are two of the most important tools in any business arsenal. Individually, CRM software and email  provide numerous benefits to both small and large businesses. Email is used to communicate with customers and the CRM is used to log sales and marketing activities. 

Many companies use separate tools to manage these processes. Often sales and marketing teams act independently and don’t necessarily know what the other is doing.  Firstly this causes a disconnect between the two functions. But ultimately this results in decreased productivity, lead generation, customer engagement and sales conversions. 

Most of these issues can be overcome by integrating CRM and email together. This way, different teams in your organisation can see in real time what the other is doing. In fact, combining these tools will enable you to:

  1. Gain a holistic view of each customer relationship
  2. Keep your data in sync in real time
  3. Turn marketing engagement into sales actions
  4. Improve collaboration
  5. Enhance convenience and visibility

CRM and email integration

Gain a holistic view of each customer relationship

CRM and email work towards the same goal: to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with prospects and customers. By integrating CRM and email, you can immediately understand the different stages in the sales cycle. It becomes easier to see which interactions have already been completed and what the next steps should be. It also reduces duplicate conversation, miscommunication and even lost sales. 

True integration allows you to experience the customer life cycle in real time. You can gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviours. In addition, you can capture valuable and real time insights for future reference. 

Keep your data in sync in real time

With an integrated CRM and email solution, you will never have to worry about information being out of sync across different platform. Without integration, you will likely spend time toggling between different data sets or contacts, opportunities and accounts.Working to maintain multiple lists is time consuming, frustrating and can lead to errors. 

By integrating your email and CRM, you can ensure that information is consistent across your team. This saves time, money and facilitates easier organisation and sharing. 

Turn marketing engagement into sales actions

Integrating optimisies customer relationships by centralising customer data for the whole team. This enables you to prioritise and track prospects and create actionable steps. Setting up rules to automatically alert team members reduces workflow friction leading to better interactions. Consequently, the customer will feel better understood and valued. 

Improve collaboration

Sales teams often look to their marketing colleagues for qualified leads. By using a combined function, both teams can immediately see what their counterparts are doing. Lead quality is improved and data can be transferred seamlessly from one team member to another. This is even more important for teams operating remotely. 

Teams can leverage the data that is more important to them. For example, what particular offer was made to a customer and did they respond? In some cases, it may even be possible to translate this data into analytics to better understand any potential pitfalls inf your workflow. 

Enhance convenience and visibility

Combining a CRM with email is an affordable way to streamline your workday and reduce management burden. Most teams are already familiar with standard email clients such as Gmail and Outlook and so continuing their use means there is no need to learn something new. The ease of integrating email with a CRM varies according to the number of team members and historic data. But investing in a good migration tool can significantly ease the process. 

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