5 Hubspot Integrations for Your Analytics and Data

hubspot integrations for analytics and data

Having a treasure trove of data gathered from consumers allows your business to make intelligent business decisions, which will set you apart from your competition. If you don’t have the necessary tools to analyze that data, then you’re missing out on countless opportunities.

If your business is looking to grow and gain valuable information from your analytics and data then you’ve come to the right place. As a HubSpot user, you have numerous integrations to choose from to elevate your analytics and data, but the ones listed below are among the most popular.

Here are the best HubSpot integrations for analytics and data:


By compiling all the data that travels through your business every day, Threads gives you the tools to operate in a transparent, hyper-organized fashion, without requiring you to change your existing platform. Once installed, Threads scans your inbox for new and old emails associated with your HubSpot contacts and automatically transfers that information to the relevant contact or deal. This includes all of your historical data that has been stored in your inbox over the years.

Threads will reduce the time spent on manual data entry as well as time wasted forwarding old email threads or deleting the contact information you do not need anymore. You will also save time and money when you are not focusing on manual data entry for information that can be updated automatically.

Having the availability of a full, automated history of all your business’s communications will allow your team to make more informed decisions by identifying trends and analyzing them. It is important to note that Threads can connect to any existing email systems (including Apple Mail). If you are looking for an integration that can seamlessly collect all your business’s communications into one highly intuitive dashboard, then Threads is right for you.


Have the opportunity to truly understand your website and mobile visitors when you integrate Hotjar with HubSpot. When active on your site, Hotjar gathers heatmap information and offers on-site surveys so you can understand what information is relevant on your site and what you need to change. When a customer responds to your survey or they allow you to record a heatmap on their behalf, the information will be added to your HubSpot contact records.

Your analytics and data team will receive valuable information that can drastically change your user experience, which can help you increase revenue. If you have never heard of heatmaps before, this is a great tool to try for a couple of days. Hotjar provides you with a guide on how to analyze your data, so you will not feel lost once a heatmap has been logged.


Databox is an integration that is very unique to the HubSpot platform. Instead of using HubSpot to display all of your business’s data, Databox takes its place. Their platform allows you to view your most important HubSpot Marketing KPIs on your mobile, desktop, or TV. The information that is transferred to Databox will be transformed into meaningful insights provided by Databox’s pre-built reporting system.

Their reporting system offers hundreds of pre-built reports which includes more than 150 metrics from HubSpot. Not only will you be able to view HubSpot’s data, but Databox allows you to view and compare analytics from sites like Google Analytics and Facebook’s Advertising. Viewing information using these pre-built reports will offer your business key performance updates as well as performance goals. You can even receive alerts to Slack, email or your mobile device when metrics begin to decline. Keep your business in the know with Databox today.


KPI collaboration has never been easier with Dasheroo. Their platform allows you to track your top KPIs from HubSpot alongside all the other applications you use to run your business. It is important that your business has all the tools that are necessary to analyze the metrics that drive success, which is why Dasheroo lets you customize dashboards to monitor key changes in performance.

Once you have created a dashboard you can send them to co-workers and clients, which enables transparency with everyone involved. Once they have received the dashboard they can comment and chat in real-time to maintain what is working and change what is not.

Lucky Orange

Have the ability to sync your HubSpot CRM contacts with Lucky Orange’s dynamic heatmaps, visitor recordings, and chat logs, which enables you to have valuable insight for each lead. Lucky Orange’s platform allows you to see exactly where your consumers and HubSpot users interacted on your website and have that information automatically updated in your CRM.

Each recording of your HubSpot’s contact activity will be automatically assigned to their profile, so you can capitalize on their conversion opportunities. With these heatmaps, you are able to analyze where prospects dropped off in the conversion process. This will help you determine what needs to be fixed on your website and how you can better serve your potential customers.

Which One is Right for You?

Finding the right HubSpot integrations for analytics and data can be tough, but we hope this guide has offered some insight into the most popular applications. Before you choose an integration for your business make sure you determine what your problems are. Identifying your problems will allow you to find valuable solutions that won’t waste your time.