30 Best HubSpot Integrations to Use in 2021

As we kick off 2019 strong we have some new HubSpot integrations that we think can make your life easier. If you’re in the market for the latest tools to increase your business’s productivity you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of the 19 newest HubSpot integrations for 2019:

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Migrating From Insightly To HubSpot

Each month we receive a number of queries from customers who are looking to move from Copper (previously known as ProsperWorks) to HubSpot. However one of the biggest challenges they face is the exporting their historic email data out of Copper and into HubSpot. Learn how Threads can help you migrate your data so that you can hit the ground running.

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3 Ways To Import Historic Email to HubSpot

If you are moving to HubSpot from another CRM then here are 3 ways to import historic email to HubSpot. Choosing the solution that is right for you business will depend on the total number of emails you wish to import and how far back in time you need to go.

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Making the Switch from Salesforce to HubSpot

One of the challenges faced by customers looking at switching from Salesforce to HubSpot is how to import historic emails. The preservation and migration of data is one of the key pain points when deciding whether to move at all. In this post we look at the 2 main ways to achieve these and the…

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Why should I give out my password?

In any application like Threads which accesses user messages (eg email)  on a user’s behalf there is always the issue of security. How can Threads collect a user’s email on a user’s behalf without knowing the user’s authentication credentials – user name and password? And in sharing this information, is there not a potential security…

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3 Reasons To Migrate Your Historic Emails To HubSpot

If you are in the process of moving to HubSpot then the one of the main work-streams involved in the migration will be ensuring that your existing data is migrated seamlessly from your old CRM into HubSpot. In this blog we explore how having your historic email data in HubSpot can benefit your business.

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getting started

Getting started with HubSpot

CRM software is a must. It enables teams to manage leads and keep a real time record of communications and progress. HubSpot CRM is free and has a streamlined onboarding process. In this post we run through the key steps to getting your business up and running with HubSpot in no time at all!

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Threads HubSpot Integration

10 Reasons Why You Should Trial Threads HubSpot Integration

Most of our customers are interested in Threads because they want to find a stress-free way to import their historic email into HubSpot but are often not aware of the other features and benefits that the Threads HubSpot integration has to offer. In particular, we are frequently asked how our integration differs from the native HubSpot email sync.

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crm migration

Pros and Cons of CRM Migration

Are you considering a move to a new CRM tool? There are many pros and cons to consider with CRM migration. To help you make a smooth transition, we've listed some top pros and cons to assess the benefits of CRM migration.

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