Email Transparency Articles & Resources For Companies

Email Transparency Articles & Resources

Companies thinking about making email transparent for employees within their organization may need some inspiration to make the leap. This transition will allow your team to build the trust and transparency your business needs to be successful. In this article, we gather some of the best resources around email transparency to provide a holistic view of a shared inbox.

5 Reasons to Adopt Email Transparency for Your Team

This article provides great insight for why your business should try to implement email transparency for your employees. A couple of great points that this article discusses is the idea that when you adopt this new model it provides a new feel for the team as a whole. When you choose to use a shared inbox you welcome a feeling of togetherness. It is easier to deal with the bad news when everyone knows what is going on and on the flip side, when good news happens everyone has the opportunity to see the wins. Also with a shared inbox you’re able to conquer a growing to do list when everyone can see what needs to be done. This allows your team to be in the loop and ultimately provide your clients with the best work.

The Advantages and Workflows of Fully Transparent Email

This article answers the question, how would you like everyone on your team to see every email that you send? The answer is pretty simple. People love it. It forces your team to reply in a timely manner to issues that may arise, but also allows other people to weigh in on the issue. Also, it is great when a new team member is added to a new project. They are able to read the email threads of what has been discussed to get up-to-date on what is going on. This allows your team to work more efficiently and understand all the deliverables that need to be met. Lastly, this article provides great insight on how set up and manage a shared inbox account.

Scaling Email Transparency

This is an interesting article about a company who decided to adopt email transparency in 2013. They were asked if they are still using a shared inbox and if so how have they scaled it since then. The two things that have helped them scale in a positive way are a list manager tool and updated internal documentation. They also answer common questions and FAQ about what it has been like to have a shared inbox. Also, every shared inbox will have some exceptions about what you can and can’t email about or share with the team, e.g. performance related emails or sensitive information.

Threads Intelligent Message Hub

We all know how difficult it can be to find information in our own email let alone trying to find information that is locked away in another colleagues email inbox. This is exactly what Threads solves. Threads is a cloud-based application that records your entire organization’s contacts, emails and phone calls in one easy-to-use, intuitive interface. It has evolved with the aim to find stuff quickly and easily – in fact it’s easier and quicker to find content than searching your own mail client. Threads offers an innovative, cost effective, alternative to a shared inbox for your business and allows you to share your company’s emails transparently without the need to download any new software or change your working practices.