How To Automatically Log Incoming and Outgoing Phone Calls In HubSpot

Many businesses receive large volumes of inbound calls ranging from new customer inquiries to ongoing support or customer service issues. So if you are automatically logging your outbound calls, surely it makes even more sense to also log your inbound calls in HubSpot.

Up until now any inbound calls and conversations would need to be updated in HubSpot manually. This can be time-consuming and that’s only if you remember to log the call in the first place. For particularly long calls, or in highly regulated industries, making an accurate note of the call can be difficult yet crucial. Not only can it take time but it relies upon the operating taking good notes during the call or an excellent memory. It’s not hard to see how users can ‘forget’ to log calls or fail to include important information.

This is where Threads can help. By automatically recording, transcribing and logging your outbound and inbound calls with your HubSpot contacts, you can ensure that no communication or important detail falls through the cracks. And you also have the added benefit of being able to search those calls using keywords in the Threads interface.

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