HubSpot Q&A: How Do I Stop Logging Every Email In HubSpot

Loyal HubSpot users have long lobbied HubSpot to provide an option to stop logging all emails in the CRM. And since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the requests keep coming.

Logging and tracking emails in HubSpot

Most HubSpot users choose to log and track emails using HubSpot’s native Gmail or Outlook plug-ins.

Logging an email means that a copy of the email is recorded on the recipient’s contact timeline in HubSpot.

Tracking an email means that HubSpot will provide you with an insight into how the recipient interacts with the email. For example, has the contact opened the email or clicked a link in the email.


Automatic creation of contacts

What many users don’t however realise is that when you tick the “Log” box, HubSpot will automatically create a contact in the CRM if they do not exist.

If the box is not checked then no contact will be created. This is often unwanted as the new contact may not be someone relevant or necessary for your CRM.

The problem with logging all emails

Several users have cited reasons why they dislike this feature. They have also asked HubSpot to create a feature to stop logging all their emails.

By automatically creating a contact every time there is a new email and no existing contact in the HubSpot CRM, then your CRM quickly becomes clogged with meaningless contacts.

For example, let’s say you want to CC in one or more additional parties to an email but you don’t want those parties to be added as a new contact.

At the moment, the only answer  is to uncheck the “Log” box. But this is cumbersome and means you may risk not logging the email at all. And if you forget to uncheck the box then the contact will be created anyway.

But there is a solution!

The Threads integration for HubSpot works by syncing your email client with HubSpot but only logs emails with contacts that already existing in your HubSpot CRM.

With Threads’ easy to understand pricing, you can add as many users as you wish provided that you stay with the data limits. Pricing starts from just £50 / $70 per month and works with ANY email client (including Outlook for Mac and Apple Mail).

Threads can also import all your historic email making migration to HubSpot a breeze.

For further details or to try Threads free for 14 days, get in touch.