3 Technologies That Have Improved Communication at Work

Evolving technology has made a tremendous impact on how we work.

Some of the benefits of technology that employees receive can be seen in the context of the remote work environment.

When asked if they felt happy in their job, 71% of remote workers said they did. In comparison, only 55% of onsite workers said that they were happy with their job.

As technology continues to evolve, so will the tools employers use to support and communicate with their remote employees.

Thankfully, the technology that can help you improve communication at work isn’t too far away.

Whether you’re curious about technology, or looking for ways to improve your remote work experience, review the following list of technology that has changed the workplace for the better.

Technologies That Improved Communication at Work


Slack is a collaboration hub where users can hold meetings and conversations through a messaging application or video call function, and share files in real-time.

Let’s say you and a colleague are working on a few projects together. With email, you may end up racking your brain, trying to recall what email chain said what.

When using Slack, you can take advantage of its dedicated channels, which are separated by topic. For example, you can have a channel for project planning and another for customer service.


While working at home has its perks, there are certain things you might miss, such as face-to-face meetings.

Luckily, remote workers can take advantage of video communications software like Zoom and remain in-the-loop.

Overall, Zoom is more than a software that allows you to join video calls. You can hold meetings where you share important files with employees or hold a webinar training.

Zoom allows for easy collaboration in meetings through its chat function as well. Participants in a meeting can message the group or an individual privately with an important question.


While software like Zoom and Slack improve communication at work through alternative platforms, email remains a pillar of business communications.

So, how can you make this standard for communication easier to navigate at work? With the help of shared inbox integrations like Threads, you can truly streamline your daily processes.

Instead of switching from one inbox to another, Threads compiles all of your business communications into a single platform.

With its intelligent search capability, Threads can index your communications. Thus, your employees can quickly search for a specific email about a client or project when they need to.


Additionally, through Threads’ unique privacy settings, Threads never ingests internal emails exchanged between co-workers. These features allow your employees to benefit from transparent communication without sacrificing their privacy.

Are you in need of a remote workplace tool to improve communication at work?

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