New Feature: Log Emails With Specific Deals In HubSpot

Threads is pleased to launch a new feature that will enable Threads users to automatically log emails with specific deals in HubSpot. 

Why do I need this feature?

A major frustration of HubSpot users is where Contacts are created and associated with multiple deals. By default, any emails with that contact are logged on all Deals that are associated with that Contact. The result being that Deal timelines can become clogged with irrelevant emails.

Following several update requests, HubSpot announced a solution in August 2018. However HubSpot users complained that Hubspot had not resolved the issue as the solution only works with emails sent from within the HubSpot platform. 

In fact, users want this functionality to be available from their email client. Hubspot have said they have a long-term goal to add this but there is no timeframe.

How can Threads + HubSpot help?

Threads + HubSpot users can automatically log emails with specific deals where a contact is associated with multiple deals.

By simply mentioning a deal hashtag # in the subject line or body of the email, Threads will recognise this and automatically assign that email to a specific Deal associated with that hashtag. The only additional requirement is that the name of the Deal will also need to contain the hashtag. 

Watch how this works in our demo video

What do I need for Threads?

Threads works with any email client including Outlook, Gmail or Apple Mail. It works from within your own email client so even if you send an email from your phone it will log in HubSpot. No need to install any extensions or change the way you work.

This feature is available to all Threads + HubSpot users and this is just one feature of our integration. But there are many more, including:

  • Ability to view attachments
  • Importing historic email
  • Sync unlimited email accounts up to the plan limit
  • Deep search facility 

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