Published Articles and Comment by Dr John Yardley

This is a list of recent articles and comment by Threads CEO, Dr John Yardley - all appearing in independent third-party publications. None is specifically about Threads, but they cover a gamut of subjects in which John's expertise has been crucial in the development of the Threads technology and business. They include articles on speech recognition, artificial Intelligence, Cloud technologies, security, electronic messaging, computer science, mathematics and general business. John is also a popular Quora contributor and his answers can be seen here.
3/3/2023 The Institution of Engineering and TechnologyHow good are Sire and Alexa?
24/8/2022Entrepreneur TribuneSome Top Tips for Startups
20/5/2022Open Access GovernmentWhat is open source software and how does it work?
31/3/2022Global Banking & Finance reviewEffective human interfaces are key to successful digital transformation
208/2/2022Open Access GovernmentCosmology & astrophysics – what they are & why we might be interested
30/12/2021 The Successful Founder What is CRM software and why might you need it?
9/8/2021Business ExpressBusiness Communications - The New Normal
8/7/2021 Brands JournalEmail Marketing for Small Businesses
13/5/2021 Information SharingInnovation in Technology
26/3/2021AmbitionHow far can you get by delegating your IT strategy?
8/2/2021Comms Business The Rise of Call Recording
2/2/2021ITProPortal No Room for Sentiment in Business
3/12/2020AI MagazineCan AI be Trusted?
14/10/2020Finance DerivativeThe importance of context in practical AI applications
26/8/2020Open Access GovernmentCan studying mathematics and computer science be as creative as the arts?
22/7/2020Post BulletinPartner with customers to increase sales
14/7/2020Companies DigestHow to improve your productivity through speech recognition
8/7/2020Business ExpressHow to improve your productivity through speech recognition
8/7/2020Global Banking and Finance reviewHow to improve your productivity through speech recognition
7/8/2020 Networking plus AI in data centres
3/4/2020SME Technology Guide Do you need an IT expert?
30/3/2020PrivSec ReportNo such thing as a free lunch
26/2/2020Open Access GovernmentComputing and Mathematics: Forever entwined
26/2/2020SME Technology Guide Artificial Intelligence - What it is and can it really help the SME?
27/2/2020Open Access GovernmentDo we listen to how Turing defined Machine Intelligence?
10/2/2020SME Technology Guide Privacy and Security - What do they mean, and why are they important to SMEs?
23/1/2020The Next WebWhy your business should focus on understanding speech over voice recognition
16/1/2020SME Technology Guide The Cloud - what is it, and why is it important to SMEs?
3/1/2020SME Technology Guide Small business technology priorities for 2020 – columnist’s view
9/12/2019B2B MarketingThreads software becomes certified Hubspot app
5/12/2019SME Technology Guide Is email dead?
18/11/2019Weekly SpyShared inbox software market will reflect significant growth in 2020
14/11/2019Open Access GovernmentMathematics and computer science: Key to the future
14/11/2019SME Technology GuideCRMs - what can they do for an SME
7/11/2019aat commentWhat skills do you need to run your own business
4/9/2019Compare the CloudMoving cloud services towards understanding speech
28/6/2019Digital Marketing MagazineGetting the most out of your CRM
22/6/2019Minutehack Email is dead - long live email