Threads integrates email into HubSpot

Threads integrates email into HubSpotThreads is thrilled to announce the launch of it’s new HubSpot CRM integration which it believes will make the onboarding process for new and existing HubSpot customers even easier.

Threads works by automatically syncing past and future emails from any email service, directly into HubSpot – even when the user isn’t logged in.

It captures and logs emails that have been sent to or received by a HubSpot contact in real-time to make sure that you are always reviewing the most up to date and complete information.

“By automating these critical tasks rather than relying on manual input from users, not only will businesses save time but it will also ensure that no emails slip through the net when team members are out of the office.” explained Dr. John Yardley, Managing Director and Founder of Threads.

The new service is free to all Threads subscribers on our 25GB plan which starts at just £50/€60/$70 a month.