4 Use Cases For Call Transcription Software

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is routinely used to convert audio tracks into written words. There are several reasons why you might want to do this, some of which you will already be familiar with – for example in generating subtitles for a movie or advanced dictation software. But here are some examples of other use cases that you might not already be aware of:

Improve Training & Feedback

Call transcription is regularly used by call centres and businesses to assist with training. Converting your calls into transcripts allows you to extract keywords from the text which in turn means you can analyse keyword density and understand what keywords are successful (or not) at closing deals. 

You can also use the transcript to search for specific keywords of interest. For example, by searching the data for negative keywords you can quickly identify calls where customers are dissatisfied and learn how you can improve their experience in the future. 

Evidentiary Recordings

Call recordings are a contemporaneous and accurate description of a conversation that has taken place between two or more people and may be called upon in legal proceedings where there is a dispute over an agreement. 

However, even if your business is routinely recording calls, unless you are also transcribing them as well, it can be difficult after the event to search or find those recordings. 

Team Communications

In most businesses, there is often a chain of communication whereby information is disseminated from one area of the business to another. 

Take for example a traditional sales team that closes a sale but is then tasked with explaining the customers’ detailed requirements to their technical colleagues. More often than not, the handover takes time, is incomplete, or key details have been captured inaccurately. 

By recording and transcribing calls, your team will not only be able to share their conversations efficiently, but have a written note of the customers requirements to refer to.

Saving Money

Certain industries rely on call transcription software to routinely transcribe audio files. Journalists, writers and legal and medical professionals frequently depend on hiring transcribers to turn their voice notes into text. 

In the UK, the average price charged by transcribers for a standard, two speaker recording is 90p to £1.50 per minute. If you are recording hundreds or even thousands of hours of audio each year then you can see how this number can quickly add up. Not to mention that it can take several days before you see the end product. 

Using call transcription software can drastically reduce the spend on transcribers and can also reduce turnaround times representing an immediate cost saving for your business.