Call Summarisation – What is it and who wants it?

Threads allows users to navigate calls by listening while reading transcriptions, making errors barely noticeable. With AI, it now summarises conversations, reducing reading time. Explore the future of call transcription in Threads through this enlightening video.

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Threads Phone Call Ingestion – A Primer

In this post we explain a little about business telephone systems and how Threads ingests phone calls so that they may be replayed and transcribed (using ASR) at will. A key feature of Threads call ingestion is that it happens transparently to the user and is totally independent of the telephone system in use. As a result, the Threads subscriber is not tied to one particular business telephone system manufacturer nor to require special software or plug-ins. We also discuss how calls may be ingested from landline and mobile networks.

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Unlocking the Power of Call Transcription for Law Firms

Every call with a client holds crucial information, insights, and potential legal nuances. But what if you could take your client interactions to the next level? Threads can help you achieve just that, and we'll illustrate it with a success story featuring Winstons, a leading law firm.

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Automatic versus Ad Hoc Call Transcription

Discover the benefits of transcribing telephone calls for businesses and explore the reasons behind companies' hesitation, including perceived inaccuracies and costs. In this post we discuss how advancements in technology have made machine transcription as reliable as human transcription.

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transcribing phone calls

Transcribing phone calls – why that is the easy bit!

When computer scientists began researching automatic speech recognition (ASR) in the 1980s, the aim of transcribing telephone calls was well down their list of priorities. For one thing the audio quality of phone calls was, by today’s standards, awful and for another, general-purpose computers typically had 1/1000 the horsepower of even a mobile phone of…

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We’ve done it: Threads® now lets you search your scanned attachments AND phone calls – yes, phone calls.

Our aim for Threads Message Hub was always to be able to search any kind of digital message from anyone to anyone - not just emails but their attachments, texts (SMS), Skype calls, Tweets and most ambitiously, telephone conversations. Well, we've done it. We are pleased to report that have our first incarnations of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in beta test.

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The Truth About Call Recording

Call recording has developed some rather sinister “big brother” connotations over the past 20 years. This is a shame because the companies that are responsible for giving that impression, are those upon which call recording is wasted. In this article we explore why this happened.

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Donald Trump

The power of speech to impeach

Last week, the House of Representatives voted for the third time in US history to formalise impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Key to this decision was the release of a call transcript by the White House. We explore how the White House creates a transcription of a call and why the call transcription itself could be crucial in any final decision.

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Automatically Log And Transcribe All Of Our Business Calls

Why We Automatically Log And Transcribe All Of Our Business Calls (And Why You Should Be Doing The Same)

If you are only logging your written communications with your customers then you are only seeing 50% of the meaningful communications your company is having with your customers and suppliers. This is because the telephone remains a key method of communication between businesses and the outside world and it’s the reason why we routinely log all our telephone conversations with our customers. Read on to discover why your business should be doing the same and how to do it.

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