5 Tools to Reduce Time Spent on CRM Data Entry

CRM Data EntryAccording to a recent report conducted by HubSpot, 27% of people who work in sales are spending over an hour a day on data entry work instead of selling. This means critical time is lost to administrative work.

Typically most CRM’s require users to manually log details of any communications with potential prospects, but this is time-consuming and up to 80% of communications are not logged or recorded incorrectly.

But there are now a number of tools available that can be used in conjunction with traditional CRM’s to make this job easier. In this post, we look at some of the best tools to reduce CRM data entry.


Threads automatically syncs your email client (including Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail) with HubSpot to ensure that all emails sent and received by users are logged within the CRM. It will also log historic emails ensuring that your CRM is up to date right from day one. Unlike other tools, Threads can also capture and log phone calls including a copy of an audio recording of the call as well as a transcription making sharing and reviewing calls across team members super easy.


Piesync enables users to consolidate customer contacts from multiple apps by keeping contact data up to date and duplicate free. Its intelligent two-way sync eliminates much of the manual data entry involved keeping contact information in your CRM up to date or importing/exporting customer data between apps. Piesync supports a number of CRMs including Salesforce, HubSpot and Agile.


Voicenotes is an automatic transcription service designed to save users time by automatically transcribing meeting notes, minutes or reports. Users are provided with a secure local number that can be dialed from any phone and are directed to leave a ‘voice note’ of their meeting notes, as simple as leaving a voicemail. Voicenotes then transcribes the recording and a full transcription is emailed to the user or entered directly into their CRM. Voicenotes is compatible with almost any CRM including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.


Thrive allows Salesforce users to sync their emails and operates independently of any software or device user. It takes an average user 50 seconds to add an email to Salesforce and each week Thrive will send you a handy report to tell you exactly how much time you have saved. By syncing emails automatically, users can expect to increase their sales by 15%.


Tenfold automatically logs calls in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics utilising your existing technology stack. Tenfold integrates with your CRM and eliminates the need for manual dialing with a click-to-call function. As well as creating contacts from an unknown caller and assigning contacts to an unknown number, Tenfold also employs advanced analytics to provide teams with key metrics such as length of calls and issue resolution, improving business workflow and relationship tracking.