New Feature: Automated Call Tagging In Threads

One of the most useful but often overlooked features in CRMs is the ability to tag records to enable you to search, filter and sort your records. But tagging records can be a time consuming manual process meaning that records can go ‘untagged’ and consequently won’t appear when you search for a specific tag.

Our new automated call tagging feature in Threads removes this issue by automatically sending the caller an email after the call and allowing the user to tag the call using a pre-defined list of keywords. Once the call has been tagged you can quickly search and identify the call in your Threads interface. Watch our video to see how easy automated call tagging is!

Here at Threads, we tag our calls according to the type of call received, for example, spam, support call ongoing, support solved, new enquiry etc but you can customise the tags to whatever makes sense to your business. For some useful tips on how to use tags in your business to stay organised see our recent post on Linkedin.