Can I Use HubSpot With Apple Mail?


The recent announcement by HubSpot that it would no longer be supporting Apple Mail came as a blow to many Apple Mail users that wanted to sync their email with their HubSpot account.

But now there is a solution…

Threads automatically syncs your email with HubSpot ensuring that your HubSpot records are always up to date and without needing to change any of your existing email set up. Threads can also import your historic email into HubSpot for free making it the perfect solution for customers looking to migrate to HubSpot.

Syncing your email with HubSpot saves you time and removes the need to manually update your contact information. It also means that you can see emails sent and received by your colleagues in real time directly within the HubSpot CRM. We can even sync your historic mail for you.

You can sign up for your free 14 day trial here.