Threads and OrecX Press Release: Forget about Alexa, Threads finally transforms speech recognition from gimmick into useful business tool

While speech recognition appears to have gone mainstream with products like Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, phone call transcription has hitherto been the preserve of corporate call centres. But things are about to change now that London-based Threads has teamed up with OrecX - who has the world’s largest installed base of open source call recording systems - to provide a low-cost practical business solution.

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Automatically Log And Transcribe All Of Our Business Calls

Why We Automatically Log And Transcribe All Of Our Business Calls (And Why You Should Be Doing The Same)

If you are only logging your written communications with your customers then you are only seeing 50% of the meaningful communications your company is having with your customers and suppliers. This is because the telephone remains a key method of communication between businesses and the outside world and it’s the reason why we routinely log all our telephone conversations with our customers. Read on to discover why your business should be doing the same and how to do it.

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You Can’t Find That Important Email

4 Reasons You Can’t Find That Important Email

Have you ever been frustrated because you can’t find an email that you know should be in your email client? And even when you use the search function, you end up with so many search results that you end up having to read through hundreds of emails just to find one you want? We’ve all been there. And it’s no surprise to find that employees waste up to 12 hours a week trawling their email inboxes. This might sound like a lot but even this is a conservative estimate. So why are emails so difficult to search?

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6 New Year Resolutions For Your Business

Happy New Year to all of our customers. We wish you and your business all the best for 2019. If you have already made resolutions, or even if you haven't, we share with you our top tips for a more productive new 2019

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How Threads + HubSpot Can Help Your Business

Last month we announced that Threads had officially joined HubSpot as a Connect Beta Integrator to help new and existing HubSpot users import their communications directly into the familiar HubSpot platform ensuring their deals and contacts are always up to date. So what does the Threads + HubSpot integration do and how can it help…

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4 Ways Call Transcription Can Boost Your Sales

Call transcription is fast becoming a must-have tool for sales teams to enable them to close more sales and collaborate better. It allows sales reps to focus on the call in hand without being distracted by writing notes or worrying that key details will be forgotten. Here are 4 more ways in which call transcription can help your company boost sales.

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