Case Study: Swiss Watch Vendor Calls Time On Threads

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Jowissa was founded in 1951 in the Swiss town of Bettlach, in a region traditionally renowned for the art of watchmaking. The brand is derived from the name of the founder, Josef Wyss, who had a vision for a new Swiss watch that would be both fashionable and a treasured piece of jewellery.  The wristwatch became the new accessory of choice in the 1950s, and with the launch of a sophisticated, fashionable, yet affordable watch collection, Jowissa immediately captured the spirit of the age.

From the beginning, the Jowissa brand has produced multifaceted Swiss watches of exceptional quality. As an independent family business currently in its third generation, the brand has remained true to its ideals.  High quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge production combine to create refined, stylish and sophisticated timepieces.  Jowissa is one of the few manufacturers of Swiss watches to incorporate glass cutting.

This traditional family business has kept abreast of fashion and technology, offering an online shop and an array of products with a high recognition value, combining elegant materials with fashionable colours. The brand is currently represented in 30 countries with over 400 sales outlets.

The Challenge

Jowissa sells to the public both direct online and through a network of distributors and wholesalers. The company needed a way to keep track of all communications, including with suppliers and customers.  Their preferred solution, HubSpot, was deemed quite expensive given their limited requirements and so Jowissa continued to use another CRM system.  However, in Autumn 2020 HubSpot changed their model which meant that Jowissa felt more comfortable about using the platform to collect all the company’s contacts and decided to switch. Simon Wyss, Director and CEO at Jowissa is now full of praise for HubSpot.

“HubSpot integrates very well with third parties.  We now use it as our core information backbone,” he said.  The previous system was only able to keep track of customers through an email programme and it was difficult to track interactions with them.  Now, through HubSpot, all contacts are integrated and trackable. “HubSpot is very easy to use, with great depth of integration with other systems,” said Simon.  However, there was still some functionality he needed that HubSpot did not provide.  While HubSpot is excellent at helping Jowissa to manage its sales funnel, in common with other HubSpot users, Jowissa had a problem incorporating email correspondence in the sequence of communication with sales leads.

The Solution

Simon came across Threads Software on the HubSpot Marketplace, and he realised that the software and service Threads offered could solve his problem.  Simon contacted Threads at the end of last year and Threads scheduled the necessary work at the end of January.  By March the new system was up and running,  While previously email interactions in Outlook could be proactively and manually communicated to HubSpot, Threads Software ensured the process automatically synced all conversations.

Simon was delighted with this solution.  However, he decided to go one step further,  He wanted to be able to filter the search for contacts according to various criteria including identifying customers with whom there had been no email interaction in the last 60 days so that the team could ensure they were communicating with them on a regular basis.

This could be done within the Threads user interface (UI).  However, since most HubSpot users never look at the Threads UI, Simon needed a way to track consumers, wholesalers and partners directly in HubSpot and also be able to send them marketing literature such as newsletters.

Threads agreed to add this functionality for him and Simon is extremely pleased with how the system now works.

The Results

“Being able to keep the interaction going with everyone we need to communicate with and ensuring they are always easily on our radar has saved us a lot of time, as it is now so simple to set filters in HubSpot, in order to identify people we need to speak to.  It has definitely brought us business, “ said Simon.  He added, “We can now see at a glance who across the team has communicated with our contacts.”

Next Steps

The next step is for Jowissa to enable the company to track and search phone calls, which the Threads functionality can enable.   When log files are deposited on the server, the system will allow automatic integration of the log file including displaying the phone number so they can see who in the team spoke to which contact and when.  This functionality is planned over the next few months.

“We were delighted with the Threads team,” said Simon.  “They are very professional, took care not to over-promise but took time to understand our requirement thoroughly and really delivered.  We previously had a huge blind spot in trying to communicate effectively with everyone we needed to and their pragmatic and efficient approach has solved what was a major problem for us.  We look forward to working with them again.”