Threads? Confused? You may be.

As many Threads users are aware, in July 2023, Meta Inc (owners of Facebook) released their own service called Threads in the UK and USA. This has caused much confusion but hopefully this blog should clarify the situation.

JPY Ltd registered the trademark “Threads” in 2012 and in 2018 formed Threads Software Ltd to commercialise the Threads service. Over the last 10 years, we have made a large investment in the Threads name and we did not want to potentially have to write-off this investment simply because Meta happened to like the name we had already coined for a messaging service.

Our Threads Intelligent Message Hub currently has an enormous technological lead on any similar service currently available. The exponential growth in AI has met all our predictions and more. Threads was designed with AI in mind and one of the reasons we call it an intelligent message hub. For us to change the service name simply to avoid confusion with Meta’s product could well set back the service enough for us to lose that technological lead.

You can read our press release here.

Threads trademark registration

UK 00002613458, 9 March 2012


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