8 Reasons Why You Should Trial Threads HubSpot Integration

threads hubspot integration

Most of our customers are interested in Threads because they want to find a stress-free way to import their historic email into HubSpot but are often not aware of the other features and benefits that the Threads HubSpot integration has to offer. In particular, we are frequently asked how our integration differs from the native HubSpot email sync.

Here are the ways in which our Threads HubSpot integration can improve your CRM experience and ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment:


1. Threads can migrate your historic email

Threads allows you to import your historic email automatically without the need to manually push each email and link it to a deal/contact. Threads also allows you to import emails retrospectively. For example, when you create a new contact, Threads will automatically scan through your past email to see if you have previously corresponded with that person before and link those emails to that contact.

2. Threads can automatically log new emails

Threads automatically syncs future emails with your HubSpot deals and contacts – even if you forget to check the ‘Log email’ button or bcc HubSpot.

3. Threads allows you to view and download attachments to emails

Threads provides a direct link from Hubspot to a copy of the original email enabling users to view & download any attachments to that original email. This is helpful if you need to view an attachment to an email that you were not originally copied to e.g. when the original recipient is out of the office or has left the business. The native HubSpot sync does not, at present, import attachments with emails.

4. Threads stops contacts being automatically created

Threads does not automatically create new contacts. With the native HubSpot email function, new contacts are automatically created each time an email is received. This can lead to duplicate contact records being created or contacts being created that you do not want/need to share.

5. Threads can automatically log calls and call recordings

Threads can also be connected to an existing VoIP phone system to allow you to automatically log phone calls along with a copy of the call recording, and, if required, a transcription of that call.

6. Threads works with any email client

Threads can work with any email client, including those not supported by HubSpot e.g. Apple Mail

7. Threads doesn’t cost more each time you add a new user

Threads monthly subscription plans include, unlimited users. This means that you can sync email accounts for all your team members even if they are not a HubSpot user. This is helpful for ensuring that email are captured from your generic email addresses e.g. sales@, info@. It also is useful if you have a team member who leaves the business and you want to ensure that any important emails that would otherwise be locked in their old inbox are available for others to view easily.

8. Threads provides a deep search facility across all your communications

As a Threads subscriber, you will also have access, if required, to all the other unique features of Threads including our deep search facility which enables you to search across multiple email accounts and phone extensions in one go, enabling your team to find information quicker.

To see Threads for yourself, sign up today for a FREE trial. If you decide Threads is not for you then that’s fine – any data pushed into HubSpot can easily be removed.