Top Shared Mailbox Software Apps for Teams

Are you tired of forwarding email threads, finding lost messages, and complicated email chains? A shared inbox app might be a solution for you.

Having a shared mailbox tool for teams is a great way for your employees to monitor and send emails from a centralised email address. A shared mailbox essentially works the same way as your normal email account but is managed by several people in your organisation. This will alleviate some pain when it comes to client communications and offer transparency between team members. If your team is thinking about transitioning to a shared mailbox, here is a list of the best shared inbox app solutions you can choose from.

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Managing Shared Mailbox Software for Teams

Before you choose a team email management tool, there are various best practices to remember.

A major benefit of switching to a shared inbox is the transparency it allows your team. The best way to ensure your communications remain streamlined relies on inbox organisation. One practice used in managing shared mailbox software for teams is a tagging system.

Many platforms and software offer color-based tagging options. Other organisational practices to utilise are email filters. By using tagging systems and filters, you can keep track of internal notes and prevent email overload.

Additionally, many shared inbox platforms make it easy to create and share folders to sort communications and quickly share that information with colleagues. The result of these best practices and an ideal shared inbox app is a productive, collaborative workplace atmosphere.

Best Shared Inbox Apps for Teams


Threads is an intelligent shared inbox app and message hub that captures, compiles and organises all of your business communications into one platform, including emails, and if required, VoIP phone calls. If you want something that you can just plug and play into your existing system, Threads is probably the best shared inbox app for you.

Threads can ingest your emails from your parent message server, so you may use whatever mail client software you choose like Outlook, Gmail, or even Apple Mail. Your digital messages will be stored privately and securely in one Cloud database that you can search via one simple screen.

If your business has a CRM, Threads can be synced with almost any existing software. You have the opportunity to save time and make more informed decisions when you use an app, like Threads, that works seamlessly with your current mailbox.

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Helpmonks is a shared inbox solution that empowers your team to collaborate on email conversations. With Helpmonks, all your shared mailboxes are available in a central location, so your organisation gains transparency and insight into your email communications.

You can even assign emails to team members to know who will reply. This ensures your customer’s questions are not ignored, and you can hold someone accountable if something goes wrong. Helpmonks also keeps all your team’s email archives and searchable so you can say adios to the endless amount of time you’ve spent trying to find that one email thread.


Kayako offers a frustration-free collaborative mailbox that allows you to do more with less effort. With Kayako, you can gain a better understanding of conversation volume and key metrics like customer satisfaction with a special insight tool.

You have the opportunity to streamline conversations, notes, and customer context in one place and eliminate miscommunication. This will ultimately increase productivity by introducing ownership and more proactive handling of inbound emails to your team’s workflow.


With ClientFlow’s shared mailbox tool for teams, you will be able to manage both internal and client communication with ease and efficiency like never before. Communicate and coordinate with other team members through internals notes that are only visible to your team.

You don’t have to flood other members’ inboxes with repetitive follow up emails. Simply add comments and notes for them to see. You can assign emails to either yourself or a team member to ensure that workload is shared effectively and ownership is assigned.


Hiver is solving the fundamental problems with email that lead to email clutter and overload, without taking away from email’s simplicity and speed. They are building tools that make certain information and knowledge don’t stay trapped inside inboxes.

Hiver can turn emails into actionable tasks by eliminating the forwarding of emails to someone. This is a recipe for confusion, and that is not what you want. It is important to note that Hiver only works with Gmail accounts.


Outpost is a team email management tool that is built for small teams. This tool allows you to work within a general inbox with a variety of email clients.

In addition, Outpost has internal notes features that help teammates stay on the same page when working on a project.

One unique collaborative feature within Outpost is its collision alerts. Outpost uses collision alerts to show you when someone else is editing an email draft. This prevents multiple colleagues from overlapping their work on the same email task.


Front is a shared inbox software with a focus on streamlining your communication time management. Within the software platform, your team can respond to various communication channels, from SMS to live chat.

Front also provides useful collaborative features. One such feature is Front’s collaborative email drafting. As a team, colleagues can edit an email draft together, like they would with a shared document. Instead of sending a draft back and forth, your team can add their edits in a timely fashion.


Freshdesk is a collaborative tool that focuses on customer service communications. Through this platform, teams can prioritise, sort and assign support tickets with ease. Freshdesk also saves you time by automating many facets of customer service communications. Some of these services include scenario automation, where an employee can quickly perform repetitive actions in one click.


Acquire‘s software platform provides teams with a communications solution through its intuitive chronological timeline. Team members can see incoming messages and write replies through this easy to navigate timeline without switching platforms. Acquire also makes collaborative communications easier for your team. You can easily add private comments and notes to an email and even tag a team member to ask for assistance.


Cerb is a platform that is ideal for teams who thrive in a remote work setting. As a data warehouse, this tool works as a repository for data that your team needs. Additionally, Cerb offers comprehensive data-based answers to search queries without making its search process too complex to navigate. Cerb also allows you to automate common workflows by creating bots who can respond to email, modify records, and more.