4 Reasons Why We Love Text Analysis

text analysis

Natural language processing (NLP) is transforming text analysis. Sales and marketing teams frequent use text analysis to identify trends and issues. 

The average business will generate a huge amount of unstructured data in text format each year. In fact, nearly 80% of business data is in the form of text. This includes emails, social media posts and  chats. It’s  not hard to see why this can be difficult to analyse. 

If you work in customer service, marketing or sales, here are 4 ways in which text analysis can help improve your productivity.  

Customer Service

The advent of social media has provided an easy way for consumers to vent their frustrations. This can be incredibly damaging particularly in those circumstances where a business does not have the opportunity to respond directly in advance. 

Text analysis sofware extracts specific information such as keywords, company name or sentiment. Keeping a close eye on customer feedback via social media channels and responding promptly is key to keeping customers on side. 

Such tools can also monitor and tag tickets to ensure that the right team member can deal with the problem. 

Monitoring Social Media Channels

Monitoring social media channels, or social listening, is a common way to manage a brand’s reputation online. Text analysis tools automatically scan popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for comments and reviews. 

Let’s take  HubSpot as an example. Imagine that they want to know what their customers are saying about their brand. One method might be to look on Twitter or Facebook and see what users are saying. But Hubspot was mentioned thousands of times on these channels in the last few weeks alone. 

Sentiment analysis can help sift through large volumes of data. It focuses on identifying both positive and negative keywords and identifying new opportunities for growth or pinpoint weaknesses. This is particularly useful if you are launching or evaluating a new product or monitoring the success of a campaign. Sentiments can then be classified 

Brand Monitoring 

Influencers are individuals who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as trusted experts within their field. Their followers have confidence in their views and recommendations and influences are therefore invaluable sources for brands that want to appeal to a particular user group. 

However, often the success of a campaign will depend on the use of certain keywords and hashtags. Text analysis can identify relevant trends and themes and ensure that the content curated is relevant to the target audience.

Improving SEO

Optimising your website for search is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Text analysis can help define keywords and helping search engines understand that your content is a trusted source. 

How does Threads use text analysis?

Threads routinely analyses the text in our own email and call data. We use this to better understand the challenges of our own product and customer feedback as well as training our systems.  We hope to make this feature more widely available to existing Threads users in 2021.

If you are interested in this technology or want to know more about text analysis, contact us at sales@threads.cloud.