The best email data sets for analysis

In order to improve and develop email analytics tools, it is important to find a data set on which to test those tools. However finding a data set can be difficult due to privacy concerns. In this blog we look at the top 3 email data sets available.  

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3 Ways Email Is Better Than A Social Network

Email is not just a method of communicating with others. It can be an internal social network.  So given that most organisations have millions of emails, isn’t it about time that you started paying more attention?

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email analytics tools

Best 3 Email Analytics Tools for Teams

When it comes to communicating with clients, email remains one of the top channels of communication. Through email, you can share information with a client or update your teammates on a project.

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Introducing Threads Analytics

Threads is thrilled to announce its new integrated dashboard feature which provides useful analytics on the content of your email and provides real-time, useful insights on your teams productivity.

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gmail statistics

3 Gmail Statistics to Track Team Productivity

Wondering how Gmail statistics can help streamline your team's productivity? Learn more about Threads' email analytics tool, Threads Analytics, which works with any email client to examine your email statistics.

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What is big data and why should I care?

Analysis of big data provides insights that facilitate better decision making or determine the reason for failures. Whatever it is, you will need some form of computer software to help you understand it all. Here are some common features which you should look for when evaluating tools.

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