30 Best HubSpot Integrations to Use in 2021

HubSpot offers your business countless integrations for different applications across all aspects of marketing and sales. As we work through 2021, we have some new HubSpot integrations that we think can help you reach your goal of working as efficiently and effectively as possible. These integrations will allow you to explore new avenues as well as offer insight into consumer information. If you’re in the market for the latest tools to increase your business’s productivity, you’ve come to the right place.

30 Best HubSpot Integrations for 2021


Email Integrations


Are you looking to import historic emails and sync inbound mail? Are your business’ email replies not getting logged? Take your time back and connect Threads with your email platform. Once connected, Threads scans your inbox for any new or historic emails associated with your HubSpot contacts and automatically transfers them to the relevant contact or deal — along with their attachments. This HubSpot integration will reduce the time spent on manual data entry, forwarding old email threads, or deleting contact information you no longer need. Last but not least, Threads can also transcribe your phone calls so that you have a complete record in HubSpot of your customers’ conversations, giving you the reassurance that your CRM will be up-to-date and accurate 24/7.


Are you tired of creating those email templates that take hours to code or design? BEE Pro is a quick and easy solution for you. With BEE Pro, you have the opportunity to use over 100 professionally designed, responsive email templates and an easy-to-use, drag-n-drop editor to customize each one. When you integrate BEE Pro, you can expect to see features like custom template management, message review, user roles and permissions, easy and quick export to HubSpot, and more. Once your design is complete, your team members can comment and add edits to your design before you send it off for approval.

Seventh Sense

Email marketing is a common tactic in any marketing strategy. Because of this, potential customers can receive thousands of emails a year. Your challenge is to make your emails stand out among your competitors. Seventh Sense analyzes your customers and decides the best time to send an email for optimal visibility. The integration uses HubSpot’s open and click data from previous email campaigns to decide the sending schedule.

Lead Integrations

Call Loop

The next time you have a booth at an event, integrate Call Loop with your HubSpot and enjoy how easy it is to capture leads. When you use Call Loop, you will have access to all-in-one messaging software that will send SMS text messages, voice broadcasts, and ringless voicemails to your potential customers. In order for you to capture leads from your event, attendees can text in and reply with their email address. This will automatically add them to a HubSpot list.


Convert your website visitors into leads using targeted popups, scroll boxes, smart bars, welcome mats, countdown timers, surveys, social opt-ins, and plenty more options with Converful. For every form that you have on your website, Convertful will automatically organize the data so you can use it to filter leads and to personalize email campaigns within HubSpot. You can customize form fields to request the exact data you need for each form. When you use Convertful, you will be able to choose from 50+ responsive templates to find the best design for your website. You can also A/B split test each form to gauge which one generates more leads.


Databox is your one-stop shop for all things analytics. This HubSpot integration focuses largely on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to keep track of your company’s success. With Databox, you can dive into an analysis of your current leads and conversions to decide how best to move forward with your marketing strategies. Databox works hand-in-hand with Google Analytics data to show you the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Do you find your company attending a few trade shows a year? Do you have a booth where you’re promoting your product or brand? If so, iCapture is the perfect integration for you. With iCapture, you’re able to capture trade show leads and store their information in HubSpot by scanning any badge or business card. Have the power to deliver hot new leads to sales and close more deals with iCapture today.


Are you interested in seeing which companies are visiting your website? Leadfeeder will allow you to do just that. You will be able to see which companies visit your site and how they found you and what they are interested in. The best part about Leadfeeder is that it uses your existing Google Analytics data to analyze lead generation information.


One of the first steps in increasing your conversion rate is to create relevant landing pages. With Unbounce, building a landing page has never been easier. The HubSpot integration focuses on creating pages that are optimized for high conversion rates and lead generation. Unbounce even has the ability to send emails to convertors to encourage them to continue to explore your website.

Content Integrations


Would you like to have interactive content on your website for your visitors? With Outgrow, you have access to 500+ interactive content pieces to foster engagement. Outgrow enables your marketing team to create and personalize content like highly converting calculators, viral quizzes, useful recommendations, chatbots, polls, and assessments that add real value to the customer. When you use Outgrow, you have the ability to rise to new levels of customer engagement and generate useful data. The data that you collect can be used to qualify and segment leads.


Finding relevant content for your business can be a daunting task. What if there was a way that you could legally use customer-generated content from anywhere in the world from all major social networks? TINT allows you to do just that. This HubSpot integration permits you to reach out to your customers to request access to the content they create using your brand. When they accept your request, you are able to legally use their content in your HubSpot email newsletters as well as landing pages.


If you’re looking to expand your global audience, Translate.com is the integration for you. With Translate.com, you can reach millions of new customers by translating your HubSpot content, such as blogs posts, emails, and landing pages, into 94 languages. Search engines like Google will see that you can cater to a wider audience and start offering your website to users who speak those languages.

Teamwork Integrations


The opportunity to effortlessly collaborate with your team members is right at your fingertips when you use Notejoy. This HubSpot integration allows you to create and attach notes directly to contacts, companies, and deals. Once you have added new notes, everyone on your team will be able to view them and add information accordingly. Notejoy also has productivity features and apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and the web. Keep your company profiles and CRM up-to-date directly from within Notejoy’s web and desktop apps.

Weekly Update

Are you tired of those long, drawn-out weekly update meetings? Take your time back and integrate Weekly Update with your HubSpot. Weekly Update allows you to receive and request short status updates from your team each week. Each week, your team gets an automatic email with a form link. Everyone uses the link to share their plans, progress, and problems. Lastly, updates are automatically emailed to the team. This process ensures that urgent details are not forgotten, and every team member has the opportunity to voice concerns. For managers, this communication style helps improve team collaboration and catches problems before they escalate.


Automate your work process with ease using the Zapier. The HubSpot integration connects to multiple apps, like Slack and Facebook Ads, so you never miss a notification again. The automation system allows you to finish routine tasks and communicate effectively with your team faster than ever before.

Video Integrations


Promo is the HubSpot video integration you can trust to get the job done. With over 5 million marketing videos on their resume, the integration offers everything you need to make an attention-capturing video that creates leads and conversions. The video marker has partnered with apps such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram to bring your company’s story to life.


Create engaging and relevant content for all of your social channels with Shakr. When you use Shakr, you have more than 2,000 video templates to choose from to create the content you would like. In order to fill out the template, Shakr provides an easy drag-and-drop tool right in your browser. The best news is that you do not need experience when you create your videos.


Professionals in the marketing software and educational content industry, Wistia has all you’ll need to create an engaging video to draw in customers. One of the best parts of this HubSpot integration is their educational videos that show marketers how to use every element of their technology, so you can start with the basics and create a brilliant video to promote your company by the end.

Sales Integrations


How does gaining 75% more sales calls from your website visitors sound to you? With CallPage, you can achieve that simple goal. When you integrate with HubSpot, CallPage allows you to manage your sales calls right from HubSpot’s CRM seamlessly. You can make outbound calls with just one click without leaving the HubSpot platform or switching your screen. When you make your calls, you can get call recordings straight to your contact’s activity profile. Once your managers have all the necessary information about your customer, they will be able to add notes and comments. Every manager with access to your account will see all notes and comments related to each customer. On their next call, your sales manager will have the opportunity to refresh themselves on information discussed on previous calls.


Have you wondered how AI could help your business secure valuable leads? With Exceed.ai, that idea has become a reality. This integration allows your sales team representatives to grow naturally using automation and AI to qualify and nurture HubSpot leads and ultimately turn them into opportunities. Exceed’s sales assistant uses artificial intelligence to make sure every lead is followed up with, handles objections and inquiries, asks qualification questions, and schedules qualified meetings directly into your reps’ calendars. Since AI is assisting your day-to-day activities, no lead is left behind. You can expect every lead to experience 24/7 humanlike conversations based on your business’s sales and marketing playbook.


Looking for a better way to organize your e-commerce site? Shopify is the way to go. It’s no surprise that Shopify is considered one of the best Hubspot integrations, either. The straightforward dashboard keeps track of inventory and sales so you can see where your shop is at with one glance. Using HubSpot’s inbound marketing tools, Shopify has the ability to create targeted email campaigns to draw in more leads and conversions.

Dear Lucy

For anyone who geeks out over sales metrics, the Dear Lucy integration is for you. This integration offers a live sales forecast, goal tracking, and detailed graphs to help you keep track of all your progress. Dear Lucy uses HubSpot’s sales metric software to create easy-to-use dashboards that will show your hard work and endless efforts falling into place right in front of you.

Better Proposals

Your sales team knows all the benefits of a beautifully crafted proposal. With Better Proposals help, your team can achieve all their proposal goals every single time. Create a proposal with one of the many templates offered or design your own from scratch with their customizable software. Save all your proposals in one spot for future use. The HubSpot integration also offers the option to live-chat with clients to make any necessary changes or acquire a signature right from the platform.

Customer-Based Integrations


If you‘re looking to score new reviews for your business directly on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more, BirdEye is the integration for you. With BirdEye, you can sync your contacts in HubSpot to send automated review request texts (SMS) and emails to every one of your customers. When they write a review for your company, you are able to instantly respond, allowing you to reply to negative reviews or solve issues regarding your products. If you receive a positive review you can automatically promote each review to your website, blog, social channels, and search engines.


Are you interested in updating the way you send reports to your clients? With TapClicks, you can provide visually interactive reports that can be easily customizable to address their specific questions. You will also be able to send proactive notifications to your clients regarding specific achievements as well as milestones. With these optimized reports, you will have the opportunity to create more targeted campaigns and rapidly respond to key issues that might arise.


Are you interested in a tool that makes scheduling appointments easy and simple? Spend less time manually updating your contact lists, and send targeted marketing campaigns knowing you are using the latest client info with Setmore. When you book new clients, their information will be automatically uploaded to your HubSpot account without you lifting a finger. This will allow you to spend more time on things like customer service rather than data entry.


LiveHelpNow’s integration with HubSpot will alleviate stress and valuable time spent on customer service inquiries. With LiveHelpNow’s help desk, your team will be able to collect helpful customer information, which allows for easy transfer of live chat information into your HubSpot account for additional marketing, business analytics, upsell and cross-sell flow. Additionally, if you receive a new customer, you can easily create a profile for them and add them to necessary lists.


We all know that we check out customer reviews before we do anything for a business, whether that means buying their product or going to their restaurant. In a time when reviews matter, use Yext for your business and request reviews by syncing the customer contact information you already store in HubSpot. You will also have the chance to review each review before it goes live. This also allows you to suss out issues and address negative reviews.


When it comes to gaining conversions, making a connection with your customers is a key component. Drift is a conversational marketing tool that greets potential customers the minute they enter your site and offers them any assistance they may need. Integrating with HubSpot, the combined technology allows Drift to keep track of customers and identify repeat customers. With this identification tool, Drift is able to continue the conversation with users and encourage them to view previous pages that may lead to a conversion.


Last but certainly not least, we have Salesforce. This HubSpot integration focuses closely on improving company-to-client relationships. Salesforce offers sales automation and pipeline management tools that detect potential lead generations and conversions. Use this software to identify where your customer is at in the buyer’s journey and how you might best be able to move them forward.

Start Your HubSpot Journey with Threads

With so many HubSpot integration options, it can be challenging to decide which one is right for your company. The best step to take is to analyze your needs and what will help the overall growth of your company. Once you’ve narrowed it down, trials of these integrations are a great place to start. Threads offers a beneficial email integration system to bring all your email campaign dreams to life. Try our free trial today to find out how we can help you streamline your email process.