5 Tools To Help You Analyse Your Outlook Inbox

outlook analytics

The average email user exchanges over 100 emails a day. Therefore it  is no surprise that users want to analyse their Outlook inbox. Email inboxes contain a whole host of useful data about your business. Indeed, there are already several tools and add-ons available. Use one of these to explore how many emails you send and receive each day. Discover your most frequent correspondents and understand the average sentiment of your emails. 

Threads Analytics

Threads Analytics provides a real-time high-level view of your most important email interactions in an easy to understand dashboard. By providing useful analysis you can quickly understand your busiest times, common keywords and even the sentiment of your staff and customers’ emails. Threads can even be linked to your existing VoIP phone system so that it can analyse calls as well. Threads works with any email (Outlook, Gmail, AppleMail, etc) or and VoIP system.


ClearContext is an email workflow assistant that works with Microsoft Outlook. It promises to help you achieve inbox zero and allow you to file emails with one click. It’s intuitive project based organisation allows you to keep on top of your inbox and organise your tasks in one central location. 

Workplace Analytics

Workplace Analytics is Microsoft’s own intelligent analytics tool. It works with Office 365 and provides personal productivity insights. As well as analysing your team’s work patterns it is also designed to help improve collaboration and sharpen customer focus. Using their built-in dashboards you can better appreciate your insights and track these over time. 

Bells & Whistles 

Bells & Whistles promises to save you up to 40-60% of the time you currently spend reading, replying and sorting emails. Bells & Whistles is an Outlook add-in which includes an email metrics feature which provides email statistics based on your Outlook workflow. The tool can help you understand and improve your daily email routine as well as providing insight on your customer’s email behaviour. 


OutlookStatView is a free took that scans your Outlook inbox and provides you with some basic statistics about the people you communicate with. The tool simply breaks down the number of outgoing and incoming emails, size of emails and the time range. 

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