Data Syncing Hubspot Integrations

As a HubSpot user, there are 30+ integrations you can choose to help with your data syncing efforts. Each app has its own tools and methods in place to make your life easier while streamlining your current processes. Not only do you need accurate data to run your business, but you want to be sure that data matches up across multiple platforms.

We have compiled a list of the best data syncing HubSpot integrations to help you find the right one for your organisation’s unique situation.

Data Syncing HubSpot Integrations to Ensure Your Data Remains Accurate


When you integrate Threads with your HubSpot account you allow their platform to smartly index all the data running through your business every day. What sets Threads apart from the competition is that with their software, you enable your business to operate in a transparent and hyper-organised fashion without changing your existing processes.  It not only automatically logs your email correspondence but your phone calls as well. You also receive a full automated history of all your communications in chronological order to help you identify trends and analyse them.

If employees leave for vacation or leave the company, there is a shift in data that could become compromised during the handover between employees. In order to avoid compromises, Threads certifies the accuracy of your data, even during changes in staff. Threads is one of the best data syncing HubSpot integrations because all of this data is automatically imports to your HubSpot account.


WithZapier, you are able to move information throughout HubSpot and your favorite applications automatically, so you don’t waste time on manually entering data. What is great is that you can connect all of your apps with just a few clicks so they can all share the most important data.

Here is an example of how Zapier works. If you are running a campaign in another app that is focused on generating contacts, that information will be automatically sent over to HubSpot so you can have an updated email list with the most accurate information.

By using a tool that can seamlessly send data between multiple different apps, you allow your teams to trigger tasks like sending emails, creating online spreadsheets, and registering clients for specific events. You can connect Zapier to apps like Slack and Asana so you can be alerted when there has been a change in data as well as alert someone to take action if the data collected is for a lead.

Import2 Wizard

Would you like to import relevant data with the click of a button? When you integrate Import2 Wizard you can do just that without having any technical knowledge. In order to not go without essential business data, you need an integration that is going to allow your teams to stay flexible with all the data you collect.

With Import2 Wizard, you can establish a streamlined process when you want to sync data between HubSpot and apps like Google Contacts. Import2 Wizard ensures your contacts will always remain accurate and up to date no matter how or where you create or edit them.

What makes their platform so great is you can export contacts, companies, deals, timeline activities, notes and more to or from HubSpot seamlessly. All you have to do on your end is make sure you are telling Import2 where this information needs to end up so you do not lose valuable data.

What is different about is that you are able to create customized integrations that allow you to transfer specific data to other apps and not just HubSpot. By creating workflows for marketing, e-commerce, sales, and internal processes, you allow your organisation to remain in sync 24/7.

For example, here is how their integration works. When someone fills a form out on your website, you can send a notification email to your Gmail, then you can add them to a lead campaign in Mailchimp, let that campaign send them a few emails to collect more data, then create a profile for them in salesforce and that is it. All this data will be shared with HubSpot so you will never miss out on a promising lead.


If you like knowing that your data will be backed up daily, then Skyvia is the right integration for you. With their software, you can find and restore separate records, or simply compare backups with the possibility to undo changes between them. Your data backups can be configured in a few minutes and it’s fully encrypted in secure Azure storage.

Additionally, you can automate your data workflows by integrating HubSpot with the most popular cloud apps. When you sync your data you can visually see it in an interface that allows for automatic execution.

Make The Right Call

Now that you know more about the best data syncing integration for HubSpot, it’s up to you to decide which one is the right integration for your organisation’s needs. Before choosing one, make sure you do the necessary research into how the integration can help or hurt your processes. Remember, you can try a few integrations before you commit to one.