What Does Outstanding Customer Service Mean to You?

When it comes to customer service, understanding its role and impact on your company is crucial.

For example, asking yourself ‘what does customer service mean to you’ can help. In doing so, it’s made clear what is prioritised in your customer solutions.

Perhaps your solutions focus more on the customer experience or on achieving business goals.

In other words, do your customer service teams work to reach a business goal or to create an outstanding customer experience? Is it somewhere in the middle?

By identifying where your customer service teams stand, you can then more easily find a tool that will complement their goals. In the end, this tool should help your customer service take the jump from good to excellent.

Taking Your Customer Service From Good to Excellent With Threads

Threads is an intelligent message hub that gives you the ability to focus on both the customer’s and the company’s needs. Below, we take a look at some of the ways Threads helps your customer service team succeed, no matter its focus.

1. Stay Organised With a Shared Inbox

You may communicate with your customers in a variety of ways, including via email, phone call, web form, and so on. To improve your customer service process, using a shared inbox can be a big benefit. Threads will intelligently index all of your digital customer communications into one place.

Let’s say you receive an email regarding a phone call from a few days prior, following up on a question a customer had. However, another customer service representative wasn’t on that phone call. Instead of emailing the team and waiting to determine which colleague was on the call, the new point of contact can quickly access the phone call transcription or correspondence with Threads to seamlessly acquire the information he or she needs.

You can also set your search filter to show the tagged or indexed information for a specific customer. This allows for much faster response time from your support team, which in the end can improve customer support.

2. Improve Collaboration Through Email Transparency

Very often, multiple team members will work on the same customer solution. However, not all of the vital information is shared equally. Whoever is CCed on a particular email has access to it, but the rest of the team does not. With Threads, your team will have more visibility when it comes to searching for client information.

For example, consider what happens when one team member leaves for vacation. Without the transparency that Threads provide, the team may have a hard time finding what they need outside their inboxes.

This is why a major benefit of email transparency is the ease in which one team member can pick up after another. This means the customer doesn’t have to wait for their solution but can get the same knowledgeable answer from anyone.

3. Analyse Data Trends to Improve Customer Experience

With any solution, you should strive to make the customer feel their voice is valued. In fact, companies that do not prioritise customer service, run the risk of dissatisfied customers leaving your services. To understand what needs improvement, understanding what trends appear in your data is crucial.

With Threads, you can access the full history of your communications with your customers. Next, you can analyse what trends appear in those communications. For instance, a trend could be a certain issue many customers mention. What is the process for addressing that issue?

Thanks to the index of information you have in Threads, your team can make better-informed decisions. This leads to more customer satisfaction as well as customer retention.

What Does Customer Service Mean to You?

No matter what your priorities are, you want to make sure your customer service team can work efficiently. Whether you need a shared inbox or need a way to transcribe calls, Threads intelligently organises everything in one place. The time spent on manual data entry can now be spent on improving your customer service process.

To get started with streamlining your customer service, contact Threads today, or call Threads at 44 (0) 208 390 8487.