5 Meeting Management Tools for Better Efficiency in 2020

meeting management tools

As another year comes to a close, it’s time to consider how to make the next year as successful as the last. One of the best ways to improve company processes is by making them more efficient.

For example, consider how often you and your team hold meetings. On average, most employees attend 62 meetings a month. Additionally, many employees end up spending 31 hours in an unproductive meeting each month.

So, how can your team make their meetings more efficient?

From call transcription software to using a CRM integration, there are numerous tools at your disposal for efficient meeting management!

To get started towards a more efficient and productive team in 2020, check out the following meeting management tools we’ve listed below.

5 Meeting Management Tools to Improve Efficiency in 2020

1. Threads

Threads is an intelligent message hub that organises your business information into an easy to navigate platform. In other words, Threads streamlines your company communication and makes collaboration more efficient.

There are a variety of features that Threads offers to its users that make it one of the top meeting management tools!

Let’s say your sales team has several client calls each week. Instead of trying to quickly take notes while on the call, your team can use Threads for a comprehensive meeting transcription.

Threads can record, transcribe, as well as store inbound and outbound calls for your team to access and utilise with ease.

This meeting transcription feature is a great choice for offices with many remote workers who call into meetings. Not only will everyone be on the same page, but your meetings can run efficiently, knowing that everything shared can be easily retrieved after the meeting has ended.

In addition to meeting transcriptions, Threads also offers its shared inbox functionality to streamline team communications. So, instead of digging through your emails for that meeting recap email, you can quickly locate the information you need in Threads’ intelligent message hub.

Wondering how Threads can help your team streamline communication and improve overall success? Contact us to get started by trying Threads for free today! 

2. Meetin.gs

Meetin.gs is a meeting management software designed to keep your meetings organised. With Meetin.gs, you can take the stress of scheduling meetings off your shoulders. Instead, others can schedule a meeting with you.

Plus, Meetin.gs can integrate with your calendar client and fine-tune your availability! In other words, you can stay up to date on any new or updated meetings on your schedule.

In addition, Meetin.gs also has mobile accessibility. This means you can check out all the relevant information, respond to meeting requests, and get notifications all from your phone.

3. Cisco Webex

Webex is a product from Cisco that is beneficial to teams large and small. Some of its features include video and webinar hosting that can make remote meetings much easier on the team.

Webex also allows you to record a meeting for playback at a later date. This can be quite helpful in training and giving feedback, for example. Essentially, your team can easily review a recorded meeting and see where improvements can be made.

4. Less Meeting

Whether you’re a team of one or a budding new business, Less Meeting is a great tool to help make meetings more impactful. In Less Meeting, you can track your to-do tasks for your team in one place.

Additionally, the meeting management tool offers automated email reminders to ensure your team is on schedule towards your goals. The progress of a project is transparent as well through Less Meeting’s tasks.

Thus, your team can make meetings more efficient by knowing what needs to be done easier to find out through Less Meeting.

5. SoapBox

SoapBox is another excellent tool to use when getting organised for an upcoming meeting. You can start by sharing customised meeting agendas, whether they’re for a one on one client meeting or a team check-in.

Once the meeting starts, your team can take notes right on the agenda itself. Additionally, after the session is over, you can email the agenda to participants, so everyone stays up to date.

SoapBox also helps keep the process of a meeting efficient with a quick and easy post-meeting survey. Your team can share their thoughts after a meeting and, thus, actively strive towards improvement with each meeting!

Motivate Your Team’s Success With the Right Meeting Tools!

While these are just a few of the numerous meeting management tools out there, they are the ones we feel can help your team the best. By and large, the most important part of finding the right tool is knowing what your team needs.

Perhaps your company is working on improving overall customer service. By organising your meetings and in part, your team communications, you can ensure that vital client information is shared equally amongst everyone.

Also, with certain tools like a shared inbox, you can examine the full communication history with and regarding a specific client. Then, you can see if there are any points of improvement in communicating with that client in the future.

In the end, understanding the needs of your team and meeting those needs with the right tools is crucial to success. With the right tools, your team can sustain and expand company growth and productivity!