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Making the Switch from Salesforce to HubSpot

One of the challenges faced by customers looking at switching from Salesforce to HubSpot is how to import historic emails. The preservation and migration of data is one of the key pain points when deciding whether to move at all. In this post we look at the 2 main ways to achieve these and the…

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Why should I give out my password?

In any application like Threads which accesses user messages (eg email)  on a user’s behalf there is always the issue of security. How can Threads collect a user’s email on a user’s behalf without knowing the user’s authentication credentials – user name and password? And in sharing this information, is there not a potential security…

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customer response time

3 Tips to Improve Customer Service Response Time

Your business should aim to deliver excellent customer service to engage your customer base successfully. After all, your customer service quality impacts the perception that a customer has of your brand. When looking to improve the quality of your customer service, one area to consider is customer service response time. In other words, how quickly…

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3 Reasons To Migrate Your Historic Emails To HubSpot

If you are in the process of moving to HubSpot then the one of the main work-streams involved in the migration will be ensuring that your existing data is migrated seamlessly from your old CRM into HubSpot. In this blog we explore how having your historic email data in HubSpot can benefit your business.

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It’s your data – use it

It is ironic that many companies pay for data when they already have a far richer source that they already own. Of course, it is a moot point as to whether you actually pay to use a search engine. You need look no further than Google’s balance sheet to discover that someone is paying for…

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The best email data sets for analysis

In order to improve and develop email analytics tools, it is important to find a data set on which to test those tools. However finding a data set can be difficult due to privacy concerns. In this blog we look at the top 3 email data sets available.  

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3 Ways Email Is Better Than A Social Network

Email is not just a method of communicating with others. It can be an internal social network.  So given that most organisations have millions of emails, isn’t it about time that you started paying more attention?

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Do Shared Inboxes Violate Employee Privacy?

Most employers have a corporate email use policy but employees may have concerns about the privacy of their email communications. In this post we discuss a recent case regarding employee privacy and how the use of a shared inbox may help.

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inbox zero

When is Inbox Zero Not The Answer?

Do we really need inbox zero? Or do we just need a better way of finding and searching our emails? We discuss common pitfalls with the inbox zero method and look at other ways of better managing your email.

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shared mailbox vs. distribution list

Shared Mailbox vs. Distribution List: When to Use Each

When looking at collaboration tools, you may wonder whether to choose between a shared mailbox or a distribution list. By understanding what you’d like to improve in your communications, you can weigh each tool’s pros and cons. In this post we review each tool’s benefits and when to use a shared mailbox vs. distribution list.

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call centre

The Truth About Call Recording

Call recording has developed some rather sinister “big brother” connotations over the past 20 years. This is a shame because the companies that are responsible for giving that impression, are those upon which call recording is wasted. In this article we explore why this happened.

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