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HubSpot Q&A: Can I log emails sent on a mobile app?

Q: How can I log emails sent on a mobile app? A: Yes! Emails sent using the HubSpot mobile app will be automatically logged in HubSpot CRM. However, one drawback is that the HubSpot app does not support attachments. For remote teams that wish to send an attachment (such as a quote or pdf), this…

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stop logging every email

HubSpot Q&A: How Do I Stop Logging Every Email In HubSpot

Fed up of HubSpot creating contacts for you when logging emails? With the Threads integration built for HubSpot, we will only log emails with your existing deals and contacts in HubSpot so that you can spend more time on your business and less time cleaning up your CRM.

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transcribing phone calls

Transcribing phone calls – why that is the easy bit!

When computer scientists began researching automatic speech recognition (ASR) in the 1980s, the aim of transcribing telephone calls was well down their list of priorities. For one thing the audio quality of phone calls was, by today’s standards, awful and for another, general-purpose computers typically had 1/1000 the horsepower of even a mobile phone of…

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Artificial Intelligence – what is it and can it really help an SME?

It was Alan Turing who first discussed “Machine Intelligence” in his seminal 1950 paper for Mind “Computer Machinery and Intelligence.”  Although we freely interchange the terms “machine”, “artificial” and “computer”, it is the “Intelligence” that is significant. What did he mean by it? Turing suggested that if, having removed the obvious machine characteristics, a human…

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The Cloud

The Cloud – What do we mean by it and why is it important to SMEs?

The Cloud is a term that has come to encompass software services provided over the Internet. However, there is still some confusion about the Cloud, so here is a short review of the relevant IT history and what you need to know. Once upon a time.. Back in the day when computers first made their…

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is email dead

Is email dead?

For almost as long as email has been in existence, its imminent demise has been predicted. Dr John Yardley, Founder and MD of Threads Software, shares his opinion on the future of email.

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IT Expert

Do I need an IT expert?

Most specialists will tell you that you badly need their services, but “experts” can sometimes be the quickest path to disaster. Dr John Yardley, Founder and MD of Threads Software, shares his opinion on the need for IT experts.

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Is sharing emails risky?

As we became paperless, documents have a habit of disappearing into personal email accounts. But this can make it impossible to find out what is going on, especially if the person who has the document is unavailable. Sharing emails can solve this problem. We explore how to do this safely and without compromising confidentiality.

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