cloud security

Is it safe to store call transcripts in the cloud?

Following the release of the Trump-Zelensky call transcript, questions have been raised regarding the security of storing call recordings and call transcripts in the cloud. But is storing call transcripts in the cloud safe? Or are we just making things easier for hackers?

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is it legal to record a phone call uk

Is it legal to record a business phone call in the UK?

Threads uniquely aggregates emails and phone calls in one database making searching for information on a specific company or individual really easy. However, we are often asked if call recording and storage is legal so we put this article together to try and help customers navigate the various UK legislation.

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Is Phone Call Transcription Rocket Science?

Given the advances in automatic speech recognition (ASR), you may wonder why there is not much evidence it is used to transcribe phone calls? Well there isn’t much evidence because it is rarely used. But the reason for this is only partially technical. Why is attempting ASR on telephone quality speech more challenging than dictating into…

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ASR. Love It? Or Hate It?

More and more people are using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). Some out of choice, but most because they are forced into it when they phone for help. The Banks and financial institutions who have adopted ASR wholesale, seem to have engendered the most bad feeling and are giving it a somewhat undeserved bad name. This opinion piece describes why this is likely to have happened.

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4 Use Cases For Call Transcription Technology

Our handy infographic outlines 4 of the most common use cases for call transcription that you might not have thought about before. Learn how Threads can improve your team's efficiency and save you time and money. Even for small businesses.

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The Doctor Will Hear You Now

Recording consultations might leave you feeling uneasy but a recording can be beneficial to both practitioners and patients. As well as making note taking more efficient the recording can empower the patient to understand the risks and benefits of treatment options and make better decisions.

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zoom transcription

5 Zoom Transcription Alternatives

The need for efficient and quick note-taking is evolving and technologies such as Zoom are leading the way in helping make this process easier. To help your team take advantage of communication transparency, we've compiled a list of video & audio transcription services for you to consider.

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4 Use Cases For Call Transcription Software

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is routinely used to convert audio tracks into written words. There are several reasons why you might want to do this including generating subtitles for a movie or advanced dictation software. But here are some examples of other use cases that you might not already be aware of.

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automatic speech recognition technology

Losing the Thread?

We often think of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) as a technology to save us getting up from our armchair to change the music or to save the banks from employing humans, but in fact, its benefits can have far more far-reaching effects - especially for the hard of hearing.

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10 good reasons to pick up the phone

In this era of social media, chatbots and email, written communications are the obvious choice for interacting with potential customers and suppliers. But next time you send an email instead of picking up the phone, take a moment to consider whether this really is the best option.

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Automated Call Tagging In Threads

New Feature: Automated Call Tagging In Threads

One of the most useful but often overlooked features in CRMs is the ability to tag records to enable you to search, filter and sort your records. But tagging records can be a time consuming manual process meaning that records can go ‘untagged’ and consequently won’t appear when you search for a specific tag. Our new automatic call tagging feature in Threads solves this problem.

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